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proxy server
(პროქსი სერვერი Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form A server located on a network between client software, such as a Web browser, and another server. It intercepts all requests to the server to დამატებით…
(პუბლიკაცია Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form The output created in desktop publishing applications. =MS LIP Ex. '09
(გამოქვეყნება Verb Full Form ) Verb Full Form To make a form, view, device or other resource available over a network. =[CRM 3.0 Mobile] The Microsoft CRM Mobile administrator can publish დამატებით…
Purble Pairs
(Purble Pairs Noun Full Form ძველი ტერმინი: წყვილის შერჩევა ) Noun Full Form A part of the Purble Place game where the player has to flip a tile over to reveal a picture, and then try to დამატებით…
push button
(ღილაკი Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form A standard Windows control that initiates a command. =MS LIP Ex. '09
MS LIP Existing ('09) ISI Glossary
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