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ამორჩეული ტერმინები: 7 გვერდი 1 (სულ: 1)
(QC Noun Abbreviated Form ) Noun Abbreviated Form A certificate, as defined by the European Directive on Electronic Signature [EU-ESDIR], whose primary purpose is to identify a person with a დამატებით…
(მოთხოვნა Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form A formalized instruction to a database to either return a set of records or perform a specified action on a set of records as specified in the დამატებით…
question mark
(კითხვის ნიშანი Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form The ? character, used as a punctuation mark or wildcard character. =MS LIP Ex. '09
(რიგი Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form A list of programs or tasks waiting for execution. =MS LIP Ex. '09
Quick Access Toolbar
(სწრაფი წვდომის ხელსაწყოთა ზოლი Proper Noun Full Form ) Proper Noun Full Form A customizable toolbar on the ribbon UI that provides one-click access to commands. =MS LIP Ex. '09
Quick Search
(სწრაფი ძიება Proper Noun Full Form ძველი ტერმინი: სწრაფი ძებნა ) Proper Noun Full Form A search feature associated with folders and programs that begins to display results as soon as a დამატებით…
Quick Tabs
(სწრაფი ჩანართები Noun UI String ) Noun UI String A user interface (UI) element that provides users with a quick and easy way to navigate across a large group of opened Web pages by დამატებით…
MS LIP Existing ('09) ISI Glossary
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