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ქართ.დამატებითი მოწყობილობა

Noun Full Form ძველი ტერმინი: დანამატი

Noun Full Form A device that is traditionally added to the base computer system to increase functionality, such as audio, networking, graphics, or SCSI controller.
Note that this is different from add-in. The computer Dictionary lists add-in and add-on as synonyms. They are not.[MSTP 4.6] Use add-in to refer to software that adds functionality to a larger program, such as the Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft Excel. Add-in can also refer to a driver or a user-written program that adds functionality to a larger program, such as a wizard, a builder, or a menu add-in.Use add-on to refer to a hardware device such as an expansion board or external peripheral equipment, such as a CD-ROM player, that is attached to the computer.
წყარო: MS LIP Ex. '09
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