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    Verb Full Form

    Verb Full Form To remove selected information to another location for storage and occasional future access.
    The optimal way to archive the DPM replicas and databases is to use backup software that is specifically designed to work with DPM. The principal advantage of software that supports DPM is that the archived data is organized in a way that makes restore operations intuitive and comparatively simple. For instructions for archiving DPM replicas and databases using backup software that supports DPM, see the documentation for the backup product.[…7.mspx?mfr=true]
    წყარო: MS LIP Ex. '09
    (194) დაარქივება

    Noun Full Form

    იხილეთ ასევე: When you zip, or compress, files using WinZip, you are creating what's called an archive. Archives are files that contain other files. Typically the files in an archive are compressed. Archives usually have filenames ending with zip, .lzh, .arj, or .arc, depending on how they were created. Archives make it easy to group files, and make it quicker to transport and copy these files.
    წყარო: MS LIP Ex. '09
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