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Win-KA (sometimes spelled as WinKa) is the mother of contemporary Georgian ICT glossary projects. In 2003 renown Georgian linguist Dr. Kakha Gabunia decided to publish a list of English IT terms and initial Georgian equivalents on — a popular Georgian internet forum.

By the coordination of Giorgi Alkhazishvili Win-KA group was formed in order to meet and discuss the terms and how they could best be translated in Georgian.

A member of the group Kakha Orkoshneli developed a glossary collaboration tool, which relied on MS Access and allowed group members to comment, vote and sync on the terms.

The group met once a week and used the tool to collaborate between the meetings using the glossary tool. The tool also allowed now popular Georgianization expert Vasil Kekelia to participate in the project from Paris, France.

The idea was to create a list of common terms that would be used as a bases for localizing Microsoft Windows or other operating systems and products in Georgian.

This is exactly what happened and all subsequent Georgian localization glossaries of commercial and non-commercial products have mainly been based on Win-KA group's terms.

The group also invented many now widespread Georgian terms, including მალსახმობი (shortcut), მარქაფი (backup), ხატულა (icon).

While a bit outdated, the group's work remains a significant source when compiling localization glossaries.

Members of the group included:

  • Giorgi Alkhazishvili (coordinator)
  • Kakha Orkoshneli (expert and developer)
  • Kakha Gabunia (linguistic lead)
  • Vasil Kekelia (linguistic expert)
  • Irakli Garibashvili (expert)
  • Zaza Akhalaia (expert)
  • Aiet Kolkhi (expert)
  • Irakli Tsilikashvili (expert)
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