Gateway to collaborative glossaries in Georgian and multiple languages.
The glossary of Georgian terms consists of about 1500 terms and is a result of collaboration of IT Experts, linguists and OOo Georgian community.

It was created in 2006 for the Georgian localization of

The glossary is loosely based on the Georgian terms of WinKA Group, as well as its updated ‘cousin’ MS LIP '06.

Some of the people involved in creation of Georgian glossary include:

  • Giorgi Alkhazishvili
  • Kakha Gabunia
  • Taya Kharitonashvili
  • Zviad Sulaberidze
  • Anna Keshelashvili
  • Dimitri Gogelia
  • Aiet Kolkhi
  • Rusudan Tsiskreli
ტერმინთა რაოდენობა: 1,487
გვერდი: 75 (მოძიება)
Last modified: 6 აგვისტო 2010

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