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Assistant Director(AD), latent negative, lineup


1.33 format, 1.66, 1.66 extraction, 1.66 format, 1.85, 1.85 extraction, 1.85 format, 1.85:1, 1/2-inch tape, 1/4-inch tape, 10 bits per channel, 10 bits per component, 10-bit, 10-bit color, 10-bit image, 1000Base-T, 100% color bars, 10Base-2, 10Base-T, 12 bits per channel, 12 bits per component, 12-bit, 12-bit color, 15-bit color, 16 bits per channel, 16-bit, 16-bit color, 16-bit computer, 16-bit display, 16-bit image, 16mm film, 180° rule, 18% gray card, 1D, 1K, 1K resolution, 1st Assistant Cameraman (1st AC), 1st Assistant Director (1st AD)


2-dimensional, 2-perf, 2-Track Return, 2.35, 2.35 extraction, 2.35 format, 2.40 format, 2.5D, 24 frames per second (24 FPS), 24-bit, 24-bit display, 25 frames per second (25 FPS), 2:3 pulldown, 2:3 pullup, 2D, 2D animation, 2D Animator, 2D Artist, 2D digitize, 2D face, 2D geometry, 2D graphics, 2D image, 2D layout, 2D logo, 2D map, 2D model, 2D morph, 2D motion blur, 2D move, 2D object, 2D package, 2D pipeline, 2D software, 2D space, 2D transform, 2D work, 2K, 2K resolution, 2nd Assistant Cameraman (2nd AC), 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD), 2nd Assistant Editor (2nd AE), 2nd generation, 2nd Unit, 2nd Unit Director


3-channel image, 3-dimensional (3D), 3-perf, 3-to-1 Rule, 30 FPS, 30 frames per second (30 FPS), 30° rule, 32-bit, 32-bit color, 32-bit computer, 32-bit display, 32-bit image, 3200 K, 3200 Kelvin, 35 millimeter camera, 35 mm film, 36-bit image, 3:2 pulldown, 3:2 pullup, 3D animation, 3D Animator, 3D digitize, 3D digitizing pen, 3D element, 3D environment, 3D film, 3D glasses, 3D graphics, 3D layout, 3D logo, 3D model, 3D Modeler, 3D morphing, 3D move, 3D paint, 3D photography, 3D pipeline, 3D Scanner, 3D scanner, 3D scene, 3D screen, 3D software, 3D software package, 3D space, 3D Studio Max, 3D texture mapping, 3rd-party software


4 bits per channel, 4 bits per color channel, 4 perf, 4-bit, 4-bit color, 4-bit display, 4-corner gradation, 4-perf, 48-bit image, 4:01:01, 4:02:02, 4:04:04, 4:1:1 compression, 4:2:2 compression, 4:2:2 D1, 4:4:4 compression, 4K resolution


5-perf, 5.1, 5600 K


6.1, 60 fields per second, 64-bit, 64-bit image, 6500 Kelvin, 65mm film


7.1, 70mm film, 75% color bars


8 bit, 8 bits per channel, 8 bits per color channel, 8-bit color, 8-bit computer, 8-bit display, 8-bit image, 8-perf, 8mm film


A-Wind, A.S.A., A/B cutting, A/B editing, A/B printing, A/B Roll Editing, A/B rolls, A/B Story, A/B Switch, A/B wind, A/D, A/D converter, above the line, Abrasion Resistance, absolute path, absolute scale, Absorbtion, abstract animation, AC, AC-3, Academy aperture, Academy Award, Academy leader, Academy mask, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), Academy of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS), Accelerated Montage, accelerator card, acetate base, acetate film, acetate sheet, acetate-based film, achromatic, Acmade, Acmade code, Acoustic Feetback, acquisition format, act, act (segment), Action, action, action axis, action safe, Action safe area, Active Circuitry, Active Di box, active region, Actor/Actress, actual footage, actualities, Ad Lib, AD&D, Adaptation, Added scenes, Additional Camera, Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR), Additional Insured, Additional Named Insured, Additional Photographer/ Photography, additional photography, additive color model, additive colors, additive primary colors, address track, address track time code, Adjustment, Adopted screenplay, Advance, advanced television (ATV), Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), aerial perspective, aerial shot, AES, aesthetic, AFL, After Effects, AGC, Agency Meeting, Agent, AIFF, Aircraft Liability Insurance, algorithm, aliasing, alpha, alpha channel, Ambience, ambient color, ambient component, ambient light, ambient light source, Ambient sound, American Cinema Editors (ACE), American Cinematographer, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), American Standards Association (ASA), American wide-screen, Ampex, Ampex Corporation, Amplifier, Amplitude, amplitude, anaglyph glasses, Anaglypta, analog, analog data, analog monitor, analog signal, Analog sound, analog to digital conversion, analog to digital converter (A/D converter), Analog Video, Analogue, Anamorphic, anamorphic image, anamorphic lens, anamorphic lens flare, anamorphic projection, anamorphic widescreen format, Ancillary Rights, AND operator, angle of view, Angle On, angle-plus-angle shot, Animal Handler, animate, animated, Animatic, animatic, Animation, animation, animation cel, animation cycle, animation dailies, Animation Department, Animation Director, animation footage, Animation Lead, animation module, animation package, animation parameter, animation replacement, animation setup, Animation Setup Supervisor, Animation Setup Technical Director (Animation Setup TD), animation software, animation stand, Animation Supervisor, Animation TD, Animation Technical Director, Animator, animatronic, Anime, Animo, Annotation, answer print, Antagonist, antagonist, anti-aliasing, anti-glare screen, anti-halation backing, anticipation, Anticlimax, Antihero, Aperture, aperture plate, APM, apparent motion, Apple, apple box, Apple Computer, Inc., Apprentice Editor, approval print, archive, arcing, area light, area light source, Arm, armature, armature wire, array, array of dots, Arri, Arriflex Camera, arrow, Art Department, Art Director, artifact, Artist, ASA, ASA rating, ASCII characters, ASIFA, aspect ratio, Assign, Assistant Art Director, Assistant Camera Operator, Assistant Cameraman, Assistant Cameraman (AC), Assistant Chief Lighting Technician


B, B Roll, b.g. (background), B/W, Back (REAR) Projection, back and forth shots, back light, back lighting, Back projection, BACK TO SCENE, Back-end, Back-Line, Backdrop, background (BG), background alpha, Background Artist, background element, background plate, backing color, backup, backup copy, backup tape, backwind, bad block, bake-off, Balance, balance, Balance Stripe, Balanced, Bandwidth, Bargraph, Barn Doors, barrel distortion, bars and tone, Base, base, batch, batch mode, batch processing, batchfile, bath, battery belt, Beat, Behind the Scenes, Best Boy, Best Boy Electric, Best Boy Grip, beta, Betacam, Betacam SP, betaware, Bi-directional Microphone, bi-phase, Bias, bicubic interpolation, bid, bilinear filtering, bilinear interpolation, Bit, bit, bit depth, Bit Part/Role, Bit Rate, Bit Resolution, bitmap display, bitmapped graphics, bitmapped image, bits per channel, bits per color channel, bits per component, bits per inch (BPI), bits per pixel (BPP), black, black a tape, Black and White, black and white film, black body, black burst, Black Comedy, black leader, black level, black light, black light pass, black light photography, black point, blacked tape, blacking, blackness, blanking, blanking interval, blanking level, bleach bypass, Blimped Camera, block, Block/Blocking, Blockbuster, Blocked, blocking, blue (B), blue backing, blue channel, blue component, blue contamination, blue key, blue record, blue screens, blue signal, Bluelines, Bluescreen, bluescreen (BS), bluescreen key, bluescreen photography, bluescreen shot, blur filter, blur operation, Bo, Body Double, Bolex, bomb, boom, boom down, Boom microphone, Boom Operator, boom shot, boom up, boom/swing, Boost/Cut Control, Bootleg, border, borderless window, bounce card, bounce light, bouncing ball, Boundary/Surface Microphone, box office, break down, Breakaway, Breakdown Script, breaking the frame, brightness, brightness (luminance), British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), British Society of Cinematographers (BSC), broadband, broadcast, broadcast graphics, broadcast standards and practices (BSP), budget, buffer, bug, bump up, burn, burn a CD, burn-in, burn-in timecode, burn-in window, burner, Bus or Buss, Butterfly, byte


C-Mount, C-scope, C-stand, C.T.B. (and) C.T.O., cable, cache, cache memory, calibration, call lights, Call Sheet, call time, called anaglyph glasses., camcorder, Cameo, camera, camera angle, Camera Angle Projection, camera angle projection, camera aperture, Camera Assistant, camera blocking, camera body, camera boom, camera car, Camera Crew, camera direction, camera distance, camera dolly, camera filter, camera height, camera interest, camera jam, camera left, camera lens, Camera Loader, camera log, camera motion, camera mount, camera move, camera movement, camera obscura, Camera Operator, camera orientation, camera origin, camera original, camera path animation, camera point, camera position, camera projection, camera projection mapping, camera rental house, camera report, camera right, camera roll, camera settings, camera shake, camera shutter, camera space, camera speed, camera stabilization, camera tape, camera tilt, camera track, Cameraman, Can, Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC), candela, candle power, Capacitor, CAPS, capture, Card model, Cardioid Microphone, Cardioid Pattern, Cartridge (Transducer), cassette, Cast, Casting, Casting Director, catalog, Caterer, Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), cathode ray tube (CRT), CC, CC filter, CCD array, CD ROM drive, CD-Quality, CD-R, CD-ROM, CDDA, Cel, cel animated feature, cel level, cell side, Celluloid, cellulose, cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate, Censorship, center extraction, center of interest, Certificate of Authorship, Certificate of Insurance, CG Producer, CG Sup, CGI, Chainer, Chang over Marks, change pages, change-over, change-over cue, changing bag, changing tent, channel, Channel within a sound track., Character, character, Character Actor, character animation, Character Animation Department, character animation setup, Character Animation Supervisor, Character Animator, Character Arc, character design, Character Designer, character generator, Character Lead, character models, Character Setup Supervisor, Character Setup Technical Director (Character Setup TD), Character Supervisor, characteristic curve, charge-coupled device (CCD), chatter, Check Print, checkerboard assembly, checkerboard cutting, checkerboarding, Chernobyl packet, Chief Lighting Technician, chip, choker close-up, Choreographer, Chorus, Chroma, Chroma Key, chroma signal, chromatic aberration, chromatic purity, chrominance, chrominance signal, CIE, Cinch Marks, Cinema Verité, CinemaScope, Cinemascope, Cinematographer, cinematographer, cinematography, Cineon, Cineon file format, Cineon format, Cineon Genesis film scanner, cinex strip, Circuit, circularpolarizer, clapboard, clapboard (clap), Clapper, Clapper / Loader, classical period, clay animation, Claymation, cleanup, clip, Clipping, Clock wipe, Clone, clone, close, Close miking, Close On:, Close Pickup, close-up (CU), close-up lens, closed object, closed set, closed surface, CLOSER ANGLE, closing down the lens, cloth simulation, cloud tank, cluster animation, CMY, CMYK, CMYK color model, Co-producer, coaxial cable


D-max, D-min, D.A.T., D1/D2/D3, DAC, darkness, darkroom, DAT drive, data, data compression, data file, data storage technology (DST), data transfer rate, Data Wrangler, day for night, daylight, Daylight Balanced, daylight balanced film, daylight light source, Daylight Spool, dB, DC, DDR, decibel (dB), decimal, decimation, decode, decoder, Decoding, decoding, decompiler, decompress, decompression, decrypt, deep focus, deep space blocking, deformation, degauss, degausser, degradation, deinterlace, delete, delivery format, Delta, densitometer, densitometry, density, density point, density space, density value, depth of field, depth of field(DOF), depth of focus, depth perception, desaturation, desktop computer, destination, destination address, destination file, destination image, detail generator, detail shot, Detent, Deutsche Industrie Norm (DIN), develop, development, Device, device, DI, Dialog, dialog box, Dialog looping, dialogue, Dialogue track, diaphragm, Diegetic sound, diegetic space, diffuse, diffuse coefficient, diffuse component, diffuse light, diffuse light source, diffuse reflection, Diffusion, diffusion, diffusion filter, Difraction, digit, Digital, digital, digital animation, Digital Animator, Digital Artist (DA), Digital Audio Tape (DAT), digital audio workstation (DAW), digital Beta (Digibeta), digital camera, digital cassette, digital character, digital compositing, digital data, Digital Delay, digital disk recorder (DDR), digital duplication, Digital Editing, digital effects (DFX), digital effects facility, Digital Effects Producer (DFX Producer), digital effects shot, digital effects studio, Digital Effects Supervisor (DFX Sup), digital effects work, digital enhancement, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), digital image, digital image processing, digital image storage, digital information, digital pipeline, Digital Producer, Digital Production Manager (DPM), Digital puppetry, digital recording, Digital Reverb, digital shot, digital signal, Digital sound, digital sound, digital studio, Digital Supervisor, digital technology, digital television (DTV), Digital theatre systems (DTS), digital to analog converter (DAC), digital versatile disc (DVD), digital video, digital video (DV), digital video disc (DVD), digital video effects (DVE), digitization, digitize, digitizer, digitizing pen, digitizing tablet, dimension, DIN rating, diode, diode laser, Diopter, diopter lens, Dipole, direct light, Direct Output, Direct Radiator, Direct Sound, direction constraint, directional continuity, directional light, directional light source, directional limits, Director, director, Director of Photography (DP), Directors Guild of America (DGA), directory, directory structure, Director’s cut, disable, discourse, disk allocation, disk drive, disk intensive, disk operating system (DOS), disk space, display, display adapter, display board, display buffer, display card, display mode, display monitor, Dissolve, dissolve, Dissolve To, Distance, Distance Factor, distanciation, distant light, distant shot, distorted dissolve, divide operation, Dolby, Dolby Noise Reduction, Dolby-EX, Dolby®Digital^Tm, dolly, Dolly Grip, dolly in, dolly out, dolly shot


Earth, ease, ease in, ease out, Eastman Kodak Company, Echo, ECU, edge blending, edge code, edge detection, edge numbers, edged matte. soft focus, edit, edit bay, Edit Decision List (EDL), edit list, edit point, edit session, Editech, editing, editing bench, Editor, Effects, effects, effects animation, Effects Artist, Effects Loop, Effects Return, Effects Send, Effects Supervisor, effects theory, effects track, Effects Unit, Efficient, eight bit, eighths (8ths), Electret Microphone, Electric current, Electric Image, electronic clapper, Electronic Crossover, electronic effects, electronic mail (e-mail), electronic mail address (e-mail address), electronic mail list (e-mail list), electronic mail server (e-mail server), electronic news gathering (ENG), electronic pin register (EPR), electronic slate, element, Ellipsis, ellipsoid, ELS, EMACS, emboss, emit, emotional memory, emulator, Emulsion, emulsion, emulsion side, Emulsion Type, enable, Enclosed Headphones, encode, encoded data, encoder, Encoding, encoding, encrypt, encryption, enhanced TV, enhanced version of awk. See also Perl, sed. GB, Envelop, Enveloper, Envelopment, Epic, EPK (Electronic Press Kit), EQ, Equalizer, equalizer, Equipment, error, error dialog, error message, error window, ESTABLISHING SHOT, establishing shot, ethernet, ethernet address, ethernet card, ethernet meltdown, ethernet network, European wide-screen, evaluation, even field, even lines, even scan lines, event, exabyte, Excess Liability, Exclusion, exclusive light, executable, execute, execute only, Executive Producer (EP), exit, expand, Expander, expansion board, Experimental film, export, expose, exposed film, exposed negative, Exposition, expository mode, exposure, exposure bracketing, Exposure Index, Exposure Index (E.I.), exposure meter, exposure sheet, exposure test strip, exposure time, exposure value, exposure wedge, expression, expression language, expression operation, EXT, Ext., Ext/Int., extended data-out random access memory (EDO RAM), extensibility, extension, exterior (EXT), exterior scenes, exterior shot, external device, external drive, external modem, external storage, external unit, Extra, extraction area, extranet, extreme close up (ECU), Extreme Long Shot (ELS), EXTREMELY LONG SHOT (XLS), eye line, eye location, eye point, eye scan, eyeline match, eyepiece


f-number, F-Stop, Facility, facility, Facility Visual Effects Producer, Facility Visual Effects Supervisor, Fade, Fade IN, Fade in, fade in, Fade Out, Fade out, fade out, Fade To, Fader, Fading, falloff, fast ethernet, fast film, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Fast Motion, fast-film stock, fast-speed film, fastlens, Faux 5.1, FAVOR ON, FCC, Feature, feature animation, feed, feed reel, feed side, feedback, Feeding tent, feet, feet + frames, Festival, fiber channel (FC), field, field averaging, field dominance, field of view (FOV), field rate, fields per second., file, file size, file type, filename, filename extension, fill light, film, film back, film base, film budget, film camera, film clip, film curl, film dailies, film developing, film distributor, film editing, film emulsion, film extraction, film footage, film format, film gate, film gauge, film grain, film image, film industry, film laboratory, film loop, film loupe, Film Magazines, film movement, film negative, Film Noir, film plane, film positive (P), Film Printing, film production, Film Rating, film recorder, film recording, film reel, film ride, film roll, film room, film scanner, film scanning, film speed, film splice, film stock, film weave, film-to-tape transfer, filming, Filmmaker, Filter, filter, filter layer, filtering, filtering algorithm, final, final cut, final edit, fine grain, fire in the hole, firewire, First AC (1st AC), First AD (1st AD), First AE (1st AE), first answer print, First Assistant Cameraman (1st AC), First Assistant Director (1st AD), First Draft, first run, First Unit, first-run theatre, firstgeneration, fish eye lens, fit, fix it in post, fixed disk, fixed lens, fixed shutter, fixed-focus lens, flag, flange, flaps, flare, flash, flash cut, flash frame, flashback, flashed, flashforward, flashing, flashing greenlight, flat, flat artwork, flat lens, flat lighting, Flat Response, flat shading, flat surface, flatbed, flatbed editor, Flexivity, flick, flicker, flicker glasses, float, floating point, floating point number, flop, floppy, floppy disk, flow, fluid head, Flutter, fly-bys, flying logo, focal distance, focal length, focal plane, focal plane shutter, focal point, focus, focus chart, focus distance, focus group, focus in, focus out, focus plane, focus pull, Focus Puller, focus range, focus setting, focus shift, fog, fog filter, foggy, FOH, Fold-Down, Foldback, Foldback Send, folding, Foley, Foley Artist/Editor, Follow Focus, follow shot, font, foot, foot candle, footage, footage counter, footage numbers, forced perspective, Foreground, foreground (FG)


Gaffer, gaffer tape, Gain, gain, Gain-Before-Feedback, gamma, gamma correction, gamma correction curve, gamma curve, gamma operation, gamut, gantry system, garbage in, garbage out (GIGO), garbage matte, gas laser, Gate, Gaussian filter, geared head, gelatin filter, gelatine, General Liability, General Manager (GM), General Meeting, generation, generation loss, genlock, genre, geometry matrix, geometry replacement, German Industry Standard, ghosting, gigabit, gigabit ethernet, gigabyte (GB), glare filter, glare guard, glare screen, glitch, global envelope, global illumination, global variable, glow operation, go motion, Gobos, Gofer, good, gradient, grain, grain averaging, grain characteristics, grain structure, graininess, grainy, granularity, graph, Graphic Equalizer, graphical representation, graphical user interface (GUI), graphics, graphics board, Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), gravity, gray card, gray values, grayscale chart, grayscale image, green (G), green backing, green channel, Green Light, green record, green signal, greenery, Greenscreen, greenscreen (GS), greenscreen contamination, greenscreen key, greenscreen photography, greenscreen plate, greenscreen shot, greenscreen spill, Grip, Gross Profits, Ground, Ground Compensation, ground glass, Guerrilla Producer, Guild Travel Accident


hacked in, Hacker, halation, half-inch tape, halftone, hand-held, hand-painted elements, handheld shot, hanging miniature, hard, hard disk, hard light, hard mask, hard news, hardware, hardware device, hardware rendering, Harmonic, Hazardous Activities, hazeltine, HD camera, HD monitor, Head, head, head and shoulder close-up shot, head and shoulder shot, Head beep, head close-up, Head of Production, Head of Software, Head of Story, Head of Technology, Head pop, head room, head slate, head-mounted display, head-on shot, header, Headroom, heavy geometry, held frame, Hero, Hertz (Hz), hertz (HZ), hex, hexadecimal, Hi-8, hiatus, hicon, hierarchical animation, hierarchical model, hierarchical modeling, hierarchy, high angle, high contrast, high definition, high definition camera (HD camera), high definition monitor (HD monitor), high definition television (HDTV), high definition video (HD video), high end, high hat, High Pass Filter, high performance parallel interface (HIPPI), high res, high resolution, high shot, high speed, high tech, high technology, high-angle shot, high-contrast film, high-key lighting, high-level code, high-level programming language, high-pass filter, high-resolution data, high-resolution image, high-resolution object, high-resolution television, high-speed camera, high-speed film, high-speed photography, highlight, highlight color, Hip-Pocketing, Hired Auto Liability, histogram, historical world (historical reality), history, history file, HLS, HLS color space, HLS correction, HMI lights, hold, hold frame, home, home account, home page, horizontal blanking interval, horizontal refresh rate (H-rate), horizontal resolution, horizontal scan rate, host, Hot Set, Hot set, house lights, HSB color space, HSB correction, HSL color space, HSL correction, HSV, HSV color space, HSV correction, HTML, HTML document, HTTP, hub, hue, Huffman coding, Hull Coverage, HWB color space, hybrid, Hypercardioid, hypercardioid microphone, hyperfocal distance, hyperlink, hypertext markup language (HTML), hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) The protocol written by Tim Berners-Lee that allows communication between different Web browsers and servers to take place., hypodermic needle theory, HZ, Hz


I.S.O., I/O, ICC, Icon, Iconic, ideological criticism, IIPP, illegal polygon, illusion of depth, image, image area, image artifact, image aspect ratio, image based modeling and rendering (IMBR), image channels, image composition, image compression, image conversion, image crop, image degradation, image distortion, image encoding, image enhancement, image extraction, image file format, image filename extension, image filter, image format, image input device, image interpolation, image plane, image process, image processing, image proxy, image quality, image resolution, image restoration, image sharpness, image size, image stabilization, image transformation, image transition, Imagica film scanner, IMAX, Impedance, import, improvisation, impulse filter, IN, in between, in betweening, in camera, in camera effect, in camera matte shot, in focus, in point, in sync, In The Can, in the can, In-Betweener, incandescence, inciting incident (catalyst), incompatible, increment, Independent Film (Indie), index, Index Card, indexed color, indexical sign (index), indirect lighting, Inductor, infinite light, infinity, Information Technology (IT), infrared, initial velocity, initialize, Injury Report Form, Ink, ink and paint, Input, input, input connector, input device, input directory, input element, input file, input image, input resolution, input/output (I/O), input/output device (I/O device), Insert, Insert Edit, Insert point, Insert shot, insert shot, insert stage, insert titles, install, instance, Insurance Requirements, INT, Int., Int/Ext., integer, intensity, inter-cut, inter-cutting, interactive, interactive mode, interactive processing, interactive session, Intercut With, Intercutting, interdupe, interface, interface elements, Interference, interframe coding, interior (INT), interior scenes, interior shot, interlace, intermediate, intermediate duplicate, intermediate negative (IN), intermediate positive (IP), Intermittent movement, Intern, internal accuracy, internal bus, internal cache, internal drive, International Animation Association (ASIFA), Internegative, internegative (IN), Internet access, Internet Access Provider (IAP), Internet address, Internet Protocol (IP), Internet Protocol address (IP address), Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet site, interocular, interocular distance, interpos, interpositive (IP), interpreter, intertextuality, Intertitles, INTO FRAME, INTO VIEW, intranet, inverse kinematics (IK), invert operation, inverted matte, IP, IP address, Ipmedance Balancing, Iris, Iris Out, ISO, ISO index, Isolation, isometric, ISP, ITU


jib arm, Job Technical Director (Job TD), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), JPEG, JPEG compression, jump cut, JUMP CUT TO


K, KB, KBPS, kBps, Kelvin, key, Key Animator, key frame, key frame animation, Key Grip, key light, key pose, keyboard, Keyframe, keying, KHz, kickoff, kilobytes per second (KBPS), Kine, kinescope, Kinescope (Kine), Kit, knot, Kodak, Kodak film stock, Kodak standard perforation, KOHM, K# or KHz


L-cut, lab, lab aim densities (LAD), lab cut-off, lab report, lab roll, LAD girl, LAP DISSOLVE, large format camera, large format film, laser beam, laser disc, laser film recorder, laser pointer, laser scanner, laser scanning, latent image, Latitude, Laugh track, Lavaliere, lavaliere microphone, Layback, layer, layering operation, layout, Layout Artist, layout drawing, Layout Supervisor, Layouts, LCD, lead, Lead Animator, Lead Role, Lead TD, Lead Technical Director (Lead TD), leader, Leadman, Leakage, left eye, lens, lens aperture, lens assembly, lens distortion, lens elements, lens extender, lens flare, lens speed, lenticular, letterbox, Letterboxing, Lfe, LFI, Liability Insurance, license key, light, light balance, light bounce, light box, light cone, light direction, light intensity, Light Leak, light meter, light source, light type, light-emitting diode (LED), lighting, Lighting Artist, lighting color, Lighting Crew, lighting dailies, Lighting Department, lighting diffusion, lighting direction, Lighting Director, lighting intensity, Lighting Lead, Lighting Supervisor, lightness, Lightning II laser film recorder, limited effects theory, Limits, Lincresta, Line Level, Line Producer, linear color space, linear curve, linear editing, linear encoding, linear perspective, linear polarizer, linear video, linear video editing, lined script, lines of resolution, lines per inch (LPI), lip sync, lip-sync-sound, lipstick camera, liquid crystal display (LCD), Literary Manager, live action, live action photography, live action shoot, live area, live-on-tape, livestock, Lo-norm TV, Loader, Loan-Out Company, local, local area network (LAN), local drive, local illumination, Localization, location, Location Filming, Location Manager, Location Scout, location settings, location shot, Location Sound, locked, locked-off camera, locked-off camera shot, locked-off shot, Log, logline, logo, long focal length, long lens, long shot (LS), longitudinal time code (LTC), longpitch, lookat, lookup table operation, Loop, loop tree, Looping, loose framing, Lossless Encoding, Lossy Encoding, lossy image compression, Loudness (volume), loupe, love interest, low angle, low end, low hat, low res, low resolution, low shot, low-angle shot, low-contrast film, low-key lighting, low-pass filter, low-resolution image, low-speed camera, low-speed film, LPI, luma-key, luminance, luminance key, luminescence, lux, Lux laser film recorder


M.O.S., mA (milliampere), Mac, Mac OS, Mac-based, Mac-based system, machine language, machine readable, Macintosh, Macintosh computer (Mac), macro, macro lens, macro photography, Mag, Magazine, magenta, magic hour, magnetic disk, magnetic film, Magnetic Flux, magnetic motion capture, Magnetic recording, Magnetic sound, Magnetic sound stripe, Magnetic Soundtrack, Magnetic stripe, Magnetic tape, magnetic tape, Magnetic tape device, Magnetic tape drive, main memory, main titles, Main Unit, Majors, makeup effects (makeup FX), Making Of, manifest content, map, Marcie, Marcie head, Mark, marker, marking menu, married print, Martini shot, mask, masking, mass storage, master computer, master copy, master positive, master program, master scene, master shot, master time code, master videotape, match clip, match cut, MATCH CUT TO, match cutting, MATCH DISSOLVE TO, Match Frame Cut, match frame edit, match-on-action, matched cut, matched dissolve, matched move, Matchmover, Materials Contract, matrix, matte, Matte Artist, matte box, matte line, Matte Painter, matte painting, matte pass, Matte shot, matte shot, Maximum Sound Pressure Level, Maya, MB, MBPS, Mbps, MCU, mechanical effects, media text, medium close up (MCU), medium close-up shot (MCU), medium long shot (MLS), medium shot (MS), mega, megabit, megabyte (MB), megabytes per second (MBPS), megahertz (MHZ), memory, memory address, memory cache, memory capacity, memory device, memory hog, memory intensive, memory usage, Mental Ray, menu bar, menu cell, menu driven, menu field, menu item, menu option, Metaphor, method, Mic, Mic Splitter, Microphone, Microphone boom, Midband, Midfield Monitors, MIDI, midtones, milky, millions of bits per second, Mini-DV, Mini-Series, miniature photography, miniature shot, Miniature Supervisor, Minimum Basic Agreement, Mirage, mise-en-scene, Mitchell filter, Mix, mix, mix operation, Mixdown, Mixer, Mixing board, MLP, MLS, mode of production, mode of representation, Model Maker, Model Shop Crew, Model Shop Supervisor, model shot, Model Supervisor, Modeler, MOL, monitor, monitor calibration, Monitor Loudspeaker, monochromatic, monochrome, monochrome operation, Montage, monthlies, More, MOS, mosaic, mother board, Motion Animator, motion artifact, motion base, Motion Blur, Motion Capture, motion control (MOCO), motion control camera (MOCO camera), motion control data (MOCO data), Motion Control Operator (MOCO Operator), motion control photography (MOCO photography), motion control rig (MOCO rig), motion cycle, motion dynamics, motion dynamics simulation, motion path, motion picture, Motion Picture Association, Motion Picture Editors Guild, motion rig, Motion Setup Supervisor, Motion Setup TD, motion simulation, motion study, motion test, motivation, motor cue, movie, Movie Dirt, moving images, moving shot, Moviola, Moviscop, MOW (Movie of the Week), MPEG, MS, MTC (midi time code), Multi-track recording, multicasting, Multicore


N.T.S.C. (National Television Standards Committee), NAB, Nagra, Named Insured, Narrated sound, Narration (voice-over), narrow angle lens, narrow angle of view, narrow angle shot, National Television System Committee (NTSC), native format, naturalistic animation, Nearfield Monitor, negative, negative assembly, Negative Cost, negative cut list, Negative Cutter, negative density, negative film, negative gamma, negative image, negative numbers, negative print, network, neutral density filter (ND), neutral print, night for night, nitrate-based, nitrate-based film, nitratebase, No, no good (NG), nodal point, nodal point offset, noise, Noise Cancelling, non-narrative television, Non-Owned Aircraft Coverage, Non-Owned Auto, Non-owned Watercraft Coverage, noncurl backing, Nondiegetic sound, nondrop frame, noninterlaced, nonlinear editing, nonlinear editing (NLE), nonlinear encoding, nonlinear video, nonlinear video editing, nonvariable shutter, normal lens, Normalise, normalized black, normalized value, normalized white, Notice of Cancellation, NTSC, NTSC image format, numbered lines.


o-neg, O.S., objective camera angle, objective close-up shot, objective shot, observational mode, odd field, odd line, odd scan lines, off camera, Off Camera (o.c), off screen, Off Screen (o.s.), off the screen, Offline, offline editing, offline editing system, Offline Editor, Omitted, Omnidirectional, omnidirectional light, Omnidirectional Microphone, on eight’s, on four’s, on one’s, on screen, on two’s, one light, one light print, one line, one-shot, Online, online editing, online editing system, Online Editor, opacity, opaque, opaque matte, opening up the lens, Operator, optical audio head, optical compositing, optical disk, optical double exposure, optical effects, optical filter, optical memory, Optical Printer, Optical printing, optical scanner, optical sound, optical sound track, optical track, optics, Option, orange screen, orbit, Oscar, Oscillator, oscilloscope, OSHA, OTS, OTS-CU, out of focus, out of phase, out of sync, out point, outfile, outline, Output, output, output address, output data, output directory, output disk, output drive, output file, output image, Output Noise (Self-Noise), output resolution, Outtake, over the shoulder (OTS), over the shoulder close-up (OTS-CU), overcoat, overcrank, overdevelop, overdevelopment, Overdub, overexpose, overexposure, Overhead boom microphone, overlay, Overload, oversampling, overscan, Oxberry film scanner, oxide


P & I (Protection & Indemnity), P. O .V., package, Packaging, PAG, paint effects, paint tools, painting, PAL (Phase Alternation by Line), PAL image format, Pal-secam (Pal), Pan, pan, Pan (Pot), pan shot, pan-and-scan (scanning), Panavision, panic, panning, panorama, PAR, parallax, parallel method, parallel pair, parallel projection, parallel viewing method, Parametric Equaliser, Paren, pass, Passive, Patch Bay, patch bay, Patch Cord, path, path animation, path deformation, pathname, PCM, PDF, Peak meter, Peaking, pedestalling, per diem, Perception Video Recorder (PVR), Perceptual Encoding, perfect fit, perforation, performance animation, persistence of vision, Personal Assistant (PA), perspective, perspective camera, perspective projection, perspective view, Phantom Power, Phase, Phase Alternate Line (PAL), Phono-Plug, phosphors, photo lab, photo laboratory, photography, photorealism, Photoshop, physical effects, Pick-up, Pick-ups, Pickup pattern, pickup shot, Pickups, picture, picture aperture, pilot, Pilottone, pinhole camera, Pink Noise, Pipeline, pirate, Pitch, pitch, pixel, pixel aspect ratio, pixels (phosphors), pixilation, plate, Plate Coordinator, plate photography, Plate Producer, play-by-play announcer, Playback, playback, playback rate, Plug, plus operation, point light, point light source, Point of View (or) POV, point of view camera angle, point of view close-up, point of view shot (POV shot), Polar Pattern (Directional Pattern, Polar Response), Polarity, Polarization, polarized glasses, polarizers, polarizing filter, Polish, polysemy, Pop, Pop Shield, Pop-filter, Popper-stoper, positive, positive film, positive image, positive pitch, positive print, post production, Post Production Coordinator, Post Production Supervisor, posterization, POV, practical effects, Pre, Pre-Fade, Pre-Fade Listen (PFL), pre-production, preliminary production (prepro), Premiere, preproduction, Prequel, preroll, Press Kit, pressure plate, pressure sensitive pen, preview, primary colors, primary focal plane, primary hues, prime lens, principal photography, print, print stock, print to aims, printed takes, printer aperture, printer points, printing lights, problematic fit, process, processed film, processed negative., Processor, Producer, Producer’s Guild of America (PGA), product placement, Production, production artwork, Production Assistant (PA), Production Board, Production Buyer, Production Company, Production Coordinator, Production Date, Production Designer, production experience, Production Head, production house, Production Illustrator, Production Insurance, Production Manager (PM), Production Notes, production report, production schedule, production side, production still, Production Team, Production Visual Effects Producer, Production Visual Effects Supervisor, profile close-up shot, profile shot, progressive scan, project, project deadline, project name, projection screen, projection speed, Projectionist, projector, projector aperture, projector light, projector shutter, promotion, Prompter, properties, property (props), Property Master, protection interpositive, protection master, proxy image


Q (bandvidth), Quantel, quarter inch tape, Quartz Light, Quick Release, QuickTime


R/C, racking focus, radial gradation, radio control (R/C), RAID, Range, rangefinder, Rank, rasterize, rating, Ratio, ratio, raw data, raw footage, Raw Stock, raw stock film, re-establishing shot, reaction shot, Reader, reading, real-time, real-time playback, Rear Lobe, rear projection (RP), rear projection photography, rear projection screen, rear screen projection, Recans, record, Recording Mixer, Recording studio, Recoupment, red (R), red backing, Red Book, red channel, red component, red contamination, red record, red signal, redscreen photography, redscreen plate, redscreen shot, redscreen spill, reduction printing, Reel, reference clip, reference frame, Reference tone, reflect, reflected color, reflected light, reflected light meter, Reflection, Reflective Light Reading, Reflective surface, Reflex, reflexive mode, Refraction, refraction, refresh rate, registration, registration pins, release, release date, Release Form, Release Print, release schedule, remote control camera, remote control device (RCD), render engine, render farm, render intensive, render queue, Render Watcher, Render Wrangler, rendering, Repatriation, Reporposing, rerelease, res, resample, reshoot, Resistance, resize, resolution, resolution independence, Response, Retention (Deductible), reticle, reticulation, Reverb, Reversal, reversal film, reversal print, reversal processing, reversal stock, REVERSE ANGLE, reverse angle shot, reverse out, Reverse Shot, rewinds, Rewrite, RGB, RGB monitor, RGBA image, Rhythm, Rigger, right eye, rim light, Ringing Out, ripple delite, Rising Action, rod, ROLL, roll, roll camera, roll number, Roll-off (Rolloff), Room Tone, roto, roto matte, rotoscope, Rotoscoping, rough composite, rough cut, royalty, RP, Rumble, Runner, Rushes


S-Video, SACD, safe title area, safety film, Sample Rate, Sample Script, sandbag, Satellite Speakers, saturation, saturation (chroma or chrominance), scan, scan in, scan line, scan out, scan rate, Scan/Record Department, scanned images, scanner, scanning, Scarlet Book, Scene, scene, scene (SC), scene balance, scene blocking, Scene Cards, scene composition, scene footage, Scene Heading, Scenic Artist, scope, Score, Scouting, Scratch track, screen, Screen Actors Guild (SAG), screen direction, Screen Extras Guild (SEG), screen footage, screen grab, screen plane, screen resolution, Screen Test, screen time, screening, screening room, screenplay, Screenplay Analysis, Screenwriter, scrim, Script, Script Editing, script notes, Script Supervisor, Scriptwriter, SECAM (Systeme Electronique Pour Colour Avec Memorie), SECAM image format, Second Assistant Cameraman (2nd AC), Second Assistant Director (2nd AD), Second Assistant Editor (2nd AE), second generation, Second Unit, Second unit, Second Unit Director, Segue, selected take, selective focus, selective use, Selects, self-reflexivity, semiotics, sense memory, sensitometer, sensitometric strip, sensitometry, sepia tone, sepia tone filter, Sequel, sequence, sequence code, Sequence Lead, sequence number, Sequence Supervisor, Sequencer, Serial, serial, serial digital interface (SDI), Series, series, servo, Set, Set Designer (scenic designer), Set Dresser, set piece, Set Up, seventy-millimeter film, shadow, shallow focus, shallow space blocking, shape animation, sharpen algorithm, sharpen filter, sharpening, sharpness, Shelving, shift focus, Shock absorber, shoot, shoot around, shooting, shooting order, shooting plan, Shooting Ratio, Shooting schedule, shooting script, Short, Short Circuit, short end, short focal length, short lens, shortpitch, Shot, shot, shot composition, shot length, shot name, shot on stage, shot type, shot-counter shot (shot-reverse shot), Shotgun Mic (shotgun microphone), Shots on Music, shoulder, Showscan, shutter, shutter angle, shutter speed, Sibilance, side light, side lighting, side view, sight line, sign, Signal, Signal Chain, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, signified, signs of character, signs of performance, Silent Film, silver halide crystals, silver screen, simulcasts, Sine Wave, Single Perf, single-camera production, single-perf, singleshot, Situation Comedy, skeletal structure, skeleton, skin, Slapstick Comedy, slate, slide, slide scanner, slow lens, slow motion, slow speed, slow-speed film, slow-speed photography, Slug Line, SMASH CUT TO, SMPTE, snapshot, snorkel camera, snorkel lens, social actor, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), Socket, soft, soft body animation, soft body dynamics, soft focus, soft light, soft lighting, soft news, Softimage, solarization, Solo, Solo-In-Phase, Sony SDDS, Sorround Sound, Sound, Sound area, Sound bite, Sound board, Sound card, Sound Crew, Sound Designer, Sound director


T-Stop, TA, table-top photography, tablet, Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), tagline, tail, tail pop, tail slate, tail-away shot, take, take number, Talkback, Tape, tape, tape backup, tape cartridge, tape drive, tape format, tape log, Tape Return, TARGA, TB, Teaser Trailer, teasers, Technical Advisor, Technical Animator, Technical Assistant (TA), Technical Director (TD), technical support, Technical Writer, Technicolor, Techniscope, Technology Head, Telecine, Telefilm, telemetric device, telephoto distortion, telephoto lens, telephoto shot, Teleplay, television apparatus, television criticism, television safe, television standard, Telewriter, temporal resolution, ten bit, test strip, text, Texture Painter, the action, theatrical film, thin negative, third generation, Thre Act Structure, Thre camera Format/Set-Up, thread, three shot, three-K, three-perf, three-point lighting, three-quarter camera angle, three-quarter tape, THX, ticker, TIFF, tight close-up, TIGHT ON, tight shot, tilt shot, tilting, Timbre, timbre (tone), Time Base Corrector/TBC, time code, time code generator, time compress, time continuity, TIME CUT, time lapse camera, Time Lapse Photography, time lapse photography, time slice, time stretch, time warp, timeline, Timing, Timing Report, title bar, title card, Title Design, Title music, Title Page, title safe area, titles, Tone, toolbox, Track, track, tracking, tracking shot, traditional animation, Trailer, trailer, Transducer, Transient, Transition, transition, transition effect, transparent, transport, Transportation Captain, Transportation Cordinator/Manager, Travelling Matte Shot, travelling shot, Treatment, Treble, triangle blur, triangle filter, trim, Trim Control, trims, tripod, tripod head, Trope, tropism, TRS Jacks, truck in, trucking (crabbing), Trucking Shot, Tungsten, Tungsten balanced film, Tungsten light source, Tungsten print, turnaround, tv production, tweaking, tweening, twisted pair cable, two shot, Type C


U-matic, ultraviolet (UV), umbra, Umbrella Policy, Unbalanced, uncompress, uncontrolled action, undercrank, Undercranking, underdevelop, underdevelopment, Underexposure, undeveloped, unexposed film, Unidirectional Microphone, union shop, Unit, Unit Manager, Unit Photographer, Unit Production Manager (UPM), Unit Publicist, Universal Players, universal serial bus (USB), unload, unprocessed film, unsharp mask, unsqueezed, unsteady, unsteady camera, UPM, UPS, USB, user defined, user friendly, user interface, uses-and-gratifications


V.I.T.C. (Vertical Interval Time Code), V.O. Voice Over., variable bit depth, variable focal length lens, variable shutter, vaseline filter, vaudeville, VCR, vectorscope, veiling, velocity, verisimilitude, vertical field of view, vertical gradation, Vertical Interval, vertical interval time code (VITC), Vertical Sync, VFX, VHS, video, video adaptor, video assist, video camera, video card, video clip, video conferencing, video frame, video home system (VHS), video image, video level, video master, video monitor, video noise, video port, video signal, video tap, videocassette recorder (VCR), Videographer, videotape, videotape recorder (VTR), vidres, view, viewer, viewfinder, viewing angle, viewing device, viewing format, viewing location, viewing system, viewpoint, vignetting, virgin stock, virtual reality (VR), visible spectrum, Vista Vision(VV), Visual concept, visual development, Visual effects, visual effects (VFX), Visual Effects Crew, Visual Effects Director of Photography (VFX DP), Visual Effects Producer (VFX Producer), visual effects studio, Visual Effects Supervisor (VFX Sup), visual timecode, Voice Coil, Voice-over (VO), Volume, VR, VTR, VU, VV


Wacom tablet, wagon wheeling, Waiver of Subrogation, Waldo, walk cycle, walkthroughs, Wardrobe Department, water tank, WAV, wave machine, waveform, waveform monitor, Wavelength, Wet, wet-gate printing, white, white balance, white card, white light, White model, White Noise, white point, whiteness, wide angle distortion, wide angle lens, wide angle of view, Wide Lens, wide shot (WS), wide-angle lens, wide-angle shot, wide-angle view, Wider On:, widescreen, Wild Sound, Wild, or wild wall, Wipe, WIPE TO, WMA9 Pro, Workers' Compensation, workflow, working resolution, working title, workprint, workstation, Wrangler, Wrap, Wrap time, Writer's Guild of America (WGA), Writing Period, WS


X-Curve, Xenon


Y-Lead, Y/C video, yellow, YIQ, YUV


Zeiss, ZOOM, zoom, zoom in, zoom in or zoom out, zoom lens, zoom out, zoom shot

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