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საძიებო ფრაზა: transaction
ნაპოვნია ლექსიკონებში: 3
MS LIP Existing ('09) (3)
(ტრანზაქცია Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form The pairing of two or more actions that are performed together as a single action; the action succeeds or fails as a whole. =[Windows XP] Using…
(შემოწმება Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form A written order on a bank to pay a sum of money from funds in an account. Checks show the name of the company or individual receiving payment, the…
(გადამოწმება Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form The process of confirming that data passing into the system is correct and complies with predefined rules, definitions, or parameters. All data,…

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