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Tablet PC
(Tablet PC Noun Product/Technology Name ) Noun Product/Technology Name A fully functional computer that runs Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. With…
standard keyboard
(სტანდარტული კლავიატურა Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form An input device consisting of a set of individual keys similar to those on a typewriter. It is used to convey information from a user…
Panning Hand
(პანირების სახელური Noun UI String ) Noun UI String A menu item in Internet Explorer that turns on the tool for Tablet PC users that allows the user to move the content of the page up and…
(დაჭერა Verb Full Form ) Verb Full Form To touch an item once with the tablet pen and then lift the pen quickly. =You can find Help for Office XP Pack for Tablet PC in the Help menu in…

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