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MS LIP Existing ('09) (7)
(WWW Noun Abbreviated Form ) Noun Abbreviated Form A set of interlinked documents in a hypertext system. The user enters the web through a home page. =MS LIP Ex. '09
(დაგლუვება Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form A software technique for smoothing the jagged appearance of curved or diagonal lines caused by poor resolution on a display screen. Methods of…
(დაარქივება Verb Full Form ) Verb Full Form To remove selected information to another location for storage and occasional future access. =The optimal way to archive the DPM replicas and…
(BitLocker Proper Noun Abbreviated Form ) Proper Noun Abbreviated Form A hardware-based security feature that prevents unauthorized access to a computer by providing full-volume encryption…
(მოძიება Verb Full Form ) Verb Full Form To scan a database, a list of files, or the Internet, either for a particular item or for anything that seems to be of interest. =However, you might…
(ჩამოჭრა Verb Full Form ) Verb Full Form To trim vertical or horizontal edges or an object. Pictures are often cropped to focus attention on a particular area. =The Photomontage output…
Network Explorer
(ქსელის მიმომხილველი Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form A utility in Windows Vista that presents a view of all PCs, devices, and printers on the network, and is significantly faster and more…

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