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MS LIP Existing ('09) (4)
(სტატია Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form A message that appears in a newsgroup, public folder, or other forum accessible by a number of individuals. =MS LIP Ex. '09
(გადაგზავნა Verb Full Form ) Verb Full Form To submit an article in a newsgroup or other online conference or forum. The term is derived from the ""posting"" of a notice…
(SQL Noun Abbreviated Form ) Noun Abbreviated Form A database query and programming language widely used for accessing, querying, updating, and managing data in relational database systems. …
title bar
(სათაურის ზოლი Noun Full Form ) Noun Full Form The horizontal bar at the top of a window that displays the name of the window. Title bars can contain different buttons, such the Minimize,…

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