Dedicated to publishing of and collaboration on glossaries in various fields in Georgian and other languages.

absolute reference, accelerator key, accent, accent acute, accent circumflex, accent grave, Accept, access, access key, access permission, accessibility, accessories, Account, accuracy, accurate, ACL, acronym, Across, action, action button, activate, Active, active document, active object, active window, ActiveX, Actual Size, Adapter, add, Add File, Add new, add-in, Address, address, Address bar, Address Block, address book, address labels, Adjust to, administer, administrator, administrator setup, Advance, Advanced, affect, After animation, Afternoon, alert box, alert message, algorithm, alias, align, Align to Grid, Alignment, alignment buttons, All, all caps, All day, All fields, All items, All Programs, allocate, allow, alphabetic, Alphabetical list, ALT key, alter, alternative text, Always on Top, Amount, ampersand, Analyze, anchor, Angle, angle brackets, animate, animation, anniversary, anonymous, answer, Answer Wizard, antivirus, Any Character, API call, apostrophe, Appear, applet, Application, apply, apply a font, apply a style, Apply to All, Apply View, appointment, arc, archive, archiving, Area Chart, Area code, argument, Around, arrange, Arrange Icons, array, Arrow, arrow keys, arrow pointer, Art, article, ascending, ASCII, ASP, assign, Assigned to, associate, association, asterisk, At least, At most, at sign, Attach, attachment, Attendee, Attention, attribute, Audio, authenticate, authentication, authenticity, author, authoring, authorization, auto, Auto Arrange, Auto Scale, Auto Select, Auto-recover, AutoArchive, AutoCorrect, Autofill, AutoFilter, AutoFit, AutoForm, AutoFormat, automate, automatic, automatic link, automatic updating, automation, AutoNumber, AutoShapes, AutoSum, AutoText, AutoText entry, available hard disk space, available memory, Average, AVI, Axes, axis


Back, back up, Background, background color, backslash, BACKSPACE key, Backup, backup copy, backup file, backup program, backward, backward compatible, bad, balloon, bandwidth, banner, bar, bar chart, bar code, baseline, Basic, baud, baud rate, BCC, Be Right Back, beep, Before, beginner, Bell, below, Best Fit, beta version, bi-directional language, billing, binary, Birthdate, Birthday, bit, bitmap, black, black-and-white, blank, blank space, Block, Blue, body text, Bold, bold button, Book, booklet, bookmark, boolean, boot, boot disk, boot drive, Border, border, Border Art, border color, border style, Bottom, bottom margin, boundary, Box, bps, braces, brackets, Break, BREAK key, Break Link, breakpoint, Bright, brightness, Bring Forward, Bring To Front, Browse, Browse View, browser, bubble size, Build, builder, built-in, bullet, bullet character, bulleted list, business, Business Card, busy, button, button bar, button face, button icon, button image, by Date, by default, By Modified, by Name, by Size, by Status, by Title, by Type, byte


cache, calculated Item, Calculator, Calendar, Calendar type, Calendar week, call, call waiting, callback, Camera, Cancel, Cancel Message, capital letters, capitalization, capitals, caps, CAPS LOCK key, caption, caret, carry out an action, cascading menu, Case Sensitive, Catalog, Categories, Category, category, category label, category name, CC, Cc box, CD, CD Key, CD-ROM, Cell, cell reference, Center, certificate, Certificate of Authenticity, Change, Change All, Change Icon, chapter, character, character font, character format, Character Map, character set, character spacing, character style, chart, chart area, Chart title, Chart Type, Chart Wizard, chat, check, check box, check In, check mark, Check Names, check out, Check-in, Check-out, checkbox, checked, chevron, child menu, choose, Choose Font, circle, citation, City, class, Classification, Clear, clear, clear a checkbox, Clear All, Clear History, click, Click and type, click the right mouse button, client, clip, clip art, Clip Properties, clipboard, clock, Close, Close All, close button, Close Find, Closing, Code, code page, collaboration, collapse, Collate, Collate Copies, collection, colon, Color, color monitor, color printer, color scheme, Color set, Colors, Column, column break, Column Chart, column heading, Column Value, Column Width, Combination, combine, combo box, comma, comma delimited, command, command button, command line, comment, Common Files, Compact, Company, Compare, Comparison, compatible, compile, complete, complex, component, Compose, compress, Compression, condense, Condition, conditional, configuration, Configure, Confirm, confirmation, Confirmation ID, Connect, Connect to, connect to a server, Connection, connection string, connector, constant, Contact, Contact Us, content class, content developers, contents, context, context-sensitive, context-sensitive help, Continue, Continuous, contrast, control, control menu, Control Panel, Controls, convention, conventional, conversion, conversion table, convert, converter, Converting, cookie, coordinate, coprocessor, Copy, Copyright, copyright notice, copyright symbol, core, Corner, Corporate, Correction, corrupt, corrupt data, Cost, count, counter, country code, Country/Region, cover page, CPU (central processing unit), crash, Create, Create New, Create Shortcut, creator, credit card, criteria, criterion


Daily, damage, Dark, Dash, Dashed, data, data area, Data Entry, data field, data file, Data Files, data form, data label, data points, data processing, data range, data series, data source, data table, data type, data validation, data view manager, database, database application, database connection, database objects, database window, datasheet, datasheet view, Date, date format, Date separator, date stamping, Day, Day view, daylight time, DBase, deactivate, dealer, debug, decimal numbers, decimal place, decimal separator, Decline, decoding, decompress, decompression, Decrease, Decrease Indent, decrypt, decryption, default, default button, default chart, default settings, default value, Define, Define Views, definition, degree symbol, deinstall, DEL key, Delay, delegate, delete, Delete All, Delete Item, Delete Page, Delete Rows, Delete Shortcut, Deleted Items, Delimited, delimiter, Demo, demote, Denominator, Department, Depth, descending order, Description, deselect, Design, design template, Design view, designer, desktop, desktop computer, desktop publishing program, destination, destination file, detail, Details, Detect and repair, detection, developer, device, device driver, diacritics, Diagonal, Diagram, Dial, dial tone, dial up, dial-up, dial-up account, dial-up networking, Dialer, dialog, dialog box, dialog box title, dictation, Dictionary, digit, Digital, digital ID, digital signature, digitally sign, Dim, dimension, dimmed command, direction, direction keys, directory, Directory Services, disability, disable, disc, discard, disclaimer, disconnect, discussion, discussion board, discussion comment, disk, disk drive, disk icon, disk space, Dismiss, Display, Display as, Display as icon, display name, Distribute, Divide, division line, DLL (Dynamic Link Library), dock, Docked, docked toolbar, Docked view, docking station, document, document formatting, document icon, Document Library, document map, document recovery, document type definition, document window, Documents and Settings, dollar sign, domain, dots per inch, Dotted, dotted line, double byte character, double the size, double underline, double-byte font, double-click, Doughnut, Down, Down Arrow, Download, downtime, DPA, DPI setting, draft, drag, drag and drop, Drawing, drawing canvas, drawing object, Drive, drive icon, drive letter, Driver, drop, drop area, drop cap, drop lines, Drop-down, drop-down arrow, drop-down combo box, drop-down list, drop-down list box, drop-down menu, Dropdown Box, DTD, Due date


e-mail, e-mail account, e-mail address, e-mail message, e-mail server, Each other, echo, Edit, edit box, Edit Hyperlink, Edit Picture, Edit Series, Edit Text, Edit Trust, editor, Effect, electronic mail, element, ellipsis, em dash, embed, embedded hyperlink, embedded object, Empty, en dash, Enable, enclose, Encoding, Encrypt, encryption, End, END key, End time, end user, end user license, endnote, enter, ENTER key, Entire Network, entry, entry bar, Envelopes, environment, EPS, Equal Sign, Equation Editor, Erase, error, error bars, error log, error message, ESC key, EULA, Evaluate, evaluation, event, Every, Exactly, Example, Exception, exclamation point, exclusive, executable program, execute, execution, exist, existing, Exit, expand, expand (an outline), Expand icon, Explain, Explode slice, explore, explorer, export, express installation, express setup, expression, extend, extended selection, extension, external, external data, Extract


face down, face up, facing pages, Fade, failure, FAQ, Fast, favorite, Fax, feature, feedback, field, field button, field list, field name, field value, File, File and Folder Tasks, file and print sharing, File as, file extension, file format, file management, File name, file sharing, File size, file type, Filename, Files of type, fill, Fill color, Fill Down, Fill Effects, Fill Right, Filled Ellipse, Filmstrip, filter, Filter options, Find, Find File, Find Next, Find Now, Find People, Find Printer, Find what, Finish, First, First line indent, First Name, First page, Fit, Fit text, Fit to, Fit to Window, fix, fixed disk, fixed-layout table, flag, flash, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, floating, floating toolbar, floppy disk, flowchart, flyer, focus, folder, folder icon, Folder List, Folder Name, Follow Up, font, font box, font color, font name, Font set, Font size, font size box, Font Slider, font smoothing, font style, footer, footnote, Foreground, form, form control, form feed, form field, Form name, form properties, Form view, Format, Format bar, Format Cells, Format Gallery, Formatted text, Formatting, formatting buttons, Formatting toolbar, Forms, formula, formula bar, Forward, forward slash, four-headed arrow, fraction, fractional numbers, frame, frameset, framework, free disk space, free memory, Free Stuff, freeform, freeze, frequency, frequently asked questions, friendly name, From, From File, From Left, From text, From Top, Front, FrontPage Server Extensions, FTP, Full screen, function, function key


gallery, Gallery view, game, Gap, gateway, gigabyte, global, glossary, Go, go, Go Back, Go to, Go to Folder, Goto, gradient, grammar, Graph, graphic, graphic filter, graphics, grayed command, greater-than sign, Green, greeting, grid, gridlines, group, group box, group by, group item, group level, grouping, GUID, guideline, guides


handheld, handle, handout, handwriting, Hang Up, hanging indent, hard disk, hardcopy, header, Heading, heading, heading style, Height, Help, Help and Support, help button, Help File, help index, help topic, Hibernate, hidden, hidden text, Hide, Hide Detail, Hide Details, hierarchical selection, High, high priority, high resolution, high-low lines, highlight, highlighted command, highlighter, Hiragana, history, hit, hold, hold down a button, home, Home Address, Country/Region, Home Address, State or Province, Home Address, Street, Home Fax Number, HOME key, home page, home phone, Home telephone number, horizontal, horizontal scroll, horizontal scroll bar, host, hotkey, hour format, hourglass, HTML, HTML file, HTML tag, HTTP, Hue, hyperlink, hyperlink address, hyphen, hyphenation


I Agree, I Disagree, I/O (input/output), iCalendar, ICM, icon, ID, identifier, ignore, Ignore All, IIS, IM-address, image, IME, import, Import Data, Import from, Importance, Imported, In field, in-place buttons, inactive, inactive window, inbox, incoming message, incompatible, incorrect, Increase Indent, indent, index, indicator, information, infrared, initialization file, initialize, Initials, ink, Ink Annotations, inline, inline image, input, input focus, Insert, Insert Data, Insert File, INSERT key, insert mode, insertion point, install, installation, installation disk, Installation ID, installer, instance, instruction, integer, integrity, interactive, interface, internal modem, International characters, Internet, Internet access provider, Internet account, Internet Call, Internet Explorer, Internet service provider, Internet site, interrupt, intranet, invalid, invert, invisible, IP, ISP, Italic, Item, iteration


jagged line, jammed, Java, Job, Job Title, join, journal, journal entry, joystick, jump, Junk Mail, justification, Justify


Katakana, KB, keep, kerning, kerning table, Key, key combination, Keyboard, keyboard layout, keypad, keyword


Label, LAN (Local Area Network), Landscape, language, laptop, Large Icon, Last Modified, Last Name, launch, Layer, layout, layout table, leader, leading, Left, Left Arrow, left mouse button, left-to-right, legacy, legend, Legend key, Length, less, less-than sign, level, library, license agreement, license certificate, line, line break, line callout, line chart, Line color, line spacing, line style, Line up Icons, Line Width, line wrap, Linear, link, link bar, Link to Content, linked object, linked table, LIS, list, list box, list separator, load, local network, locale, location, lock, log, log file, Log Off, log off from the network, log on, log on to the network, logarithm, logging, logical, login, logo, look in, look up, loop, loudspeaker, low memory, lowercase, Lum


macro, macro virus, Magnifier, Mail, mail merge, Mail Message, Mail Options, mail recipient, mail system, mailbox, mailing label, mailing list, main document, major gridlines, Manage, Manage Lists right, Manager, Manual, manual feed, manual line break, manual link, manual page break, MAPI, margin, Mark, Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, marker, markup, marquee, mask, master, master document, master page, master record, match, match case, matrix, matte, Max, maximize, Maximize button, maximized window, MB, measure, measurement, Media, medium, Meeting Request, Members, memo, memory, menu, menu bar, menu button, menu item, menu name, menu title, merge, merge field, Merge to, Message, message box, Message Class, message header, messaging, metafile, method, microprocessor, Microsoft Access database, Microsoft Office Activation Wizard, Microsoft Privacy policy, Microsoft Product Support, Microsoft Script Editor, Microsoft SQL Server database, Middle, Minimize, Minimize button, minimum installation, minor gridlines, minus sign, miscellaneous, mix, Mobile, mode, model, modem, modifier key, modify, module, monitor, More, More Colors, More Details, More Info, More Windows, mouse, mouse button, mouse click, mouse pointer, Move, move down, Move Up, movie clip, MS-DOS, multi-user environment, multilingual, multimedia, multiple selection, mute, My Computer, My Documents, My Music, My Network Places, My Pictures, My Recent Documents


n/a, name, Name box, Named, namespace, navigate, Navigation, Navigation Bar, Navigation Pane, negative indent, Network, network administrator, network administrator installation, network connection, network drive, network location, news, News Message, newsgroup, Next, Next Page, Nickname, No, no wrap, node, non-adjacent cells, non-breaking hyphen, non-breaking space, non-proportional font, None, nonprinting character, Normal, normal view, Note, Note Flag, Notes, Notify, nudge, NUM LOCK key, Number, number sign, numbered list, numeric keypad


object, object library, Object Type, OCR, OEM manufacturer, Off, office, Office Assistant, Office Clipboard, Office Document, offline, offset, OK, OLAP, Old password, OLE, OLE DB, OLE object, OLE server, omit, On, On the Phone, Online, online service, Online Support, Open, operating system, operation, operator, optimize, Option, option button, option group, optional, optional hyphen, Options, ordinal number, organization chart, orientation, original, originate, Other, Other Places, Out of memory, out of the office, Out to Lunch, outbox, outgoing message, outline, output, overlap, overlapping windows, override, overstrike, overtype, Overwrite, owner, ownership


pack, Pack and Go, Packages, page, page break, PAGE DOWN key, page field, page header, Page Setup, PAGE UP key, Page view, pagination, palette, palette window, Palm compatible, Palm device, Palm device synchronization, palmtop, pane, panel, Pantone, paper, paper bin, paper format, paper jam, Paper Source, paragraph, paragraph break, paragraph formatting, paragraph mark, parallel, parameter, parent, parent directory, parent folder, parent web, Parental Controls, parenthesis, parity, partition, password, password protection, Paste, Paste Link, Paste Shortcut, Paste Special, patch, path, pattern, PAUSE key, PC, PCD, PCX, pen, percent sign, Percentage, performance, period, permissions, personal computer, personal information, Personal Name, Personal Settings, Personal Templates, phone book, phone number, photo album, pica, pick, picture, Picture watermark, Pie, Pie Chart, Pivot, PivotChart view, PivotTable list, PivotTable report, PivotTable view, pixel, placeholder, plain text, platform, Play, plot area, plug-in, plus sign, point, pointer, pointing device, policy, Policy Module, Polygon, pop-up menu, pop-up window, port, Portfolio, portrait, position, positioning, post, postal code, Power, predefined, preference, preferences, prefix, prepare, preset, press, press a key, press and hold a mouse button, preview, preview pane, primary, primary color, primary key, primary window, print, print area, print job, print preview, PRINT SCRN key, Printer, printer driver, Printers and Faxes, priority, privacy, Probability, procedure, process, product, Product ID, Product key, Product News, Profession, Professional edition, profile, program, Program Files, program icon, progress indicator, project, promote, prompt, proofing tools, properties, property page, property sheet, protect, Protection, protocol, proxy server, pt, publication, publish, pull quote, Push Button, Pyramid


query, question mark, questions and answers, queue, Quick Launch, Quick Tour, Quick View, quit, quotation mark


Radar, radio button, range, RAS, rate, Read only, read-only, read-write, readability, Reading Pane, README file, rearrange, reboot, Recalculate, recall, recipient, Recolor, record, record source, recordset, recover, Rectangle, recurring, recycle bin, Redial, Redo, reduce, Reduce icon, reference, refresh, Refresh Data, Refresh every, region selection, Regions, register, registered trademark, registered user, registration, registry, reinstall, Reject, relation, relationship, release, release notes, reminder, remote, remote access, remove, Remove association, rename, repair, repeat, repetition, replace, replica, replication, reply, report, Reset, resize, resolution, resource, response, Restart, restart, Restore, Restore button, result, resume, retrieve, retry, return, Return address, retype, Revert, review, revision marks, RGB, Ribbon, rich-text box, right click, right-to-left, right-to-left support, rights, role, Roman, root directory, root folder, root web, Rotate, route, router, row, rule, ruler, Run, run, run-time, résumé


sample code, Save, Save All, Save and Close, Save As, Save as type, Save Copy As, Save Form, Save in, Save Password, Save Picture As, Save Search, scalable, Scale, scanner, scenario, schedule, schema, Scheme, screen, screen tips, ScreenTip, Scribble, script, scroll, scroll arrow, scroll bar, scroll box, SCROLL LOCK key, scroll through a document, scrolling text, Search, search, search criteria, search engine, second, secondary window, section, section break, section symbol, secure, security, select, select a block of text, select a check box, select a command, select a list box, select a menu, Select All, select an option button, selected, selected command, selection, selector, semicolon, send, Send As Is, Send As Unicode, Send HTML, Send Mail, Send Message, Send Plain Text, Send To, Send/Receive, sender, Sender Name, Sent Items, Sent To, separator, Sequence, serial number, series, series lines, Series name, Server, service, Service Pack, session, Set, set as default, Set Default, Set password, Setting, setup, setup disk, setup program, shade, Shading, shadow, Shadow Style, Share, share, Share name, Sharing, sharpness, sheet, SHIFT key, Shoebox, shortcut, shortcut icon, Shortcut key, shortcut menu, Show, Show all, Show As, Show Detail, Show Image, Show in, Show in Groups, Show Item, Show or Hide, Show Outline, Show value, Shut Down, shutdown, sidebar, Sides, Signature, signature file, simple, single byte character, single underline, single-click, site, sizable, Size, sizing handle, Skip, slash, Slide, slide master, slide show, Slider, slider, slider indicator, Slideshow view, Slow, Small Business edition, small capitals, Smart Phone, smart quotes, Smart tag, Snap, snapshot, software, software program, Sort, Sort Ascending, Sort By, Sort by Name, Sort Descending, sort order, sorting, sorting order, Sound, sound card, sound clip, Source, source code, source data, source file, space, spacebar, Spacing, Speaker, Special, Special Character, special paper, Speech, Speed, spell checker, Spelling, spin box, split, split bar, split box, spreadsheet, SQL, SQL Server, square brackets, Stack, Stand by, standalone, Standard, standard time, Standard toolbar, start, Start button, Start menu, start page, Start time, Startup, startup folder, State/Province, statement, Statistics, status area, status bar, Step, Step In


tab, Tab Character, tab delimited, TAB key, Tab Order, tab stop, table, table cell, table of contents, Tablet PC, Tabs, Tabular, tag, tag line, target, Task, Task Launcher, task list, task pane, Task Request, Taskbar, taskbar button, TaskPad, Tasks, TCP, TCP/IP, Telephone, telephone book, Tell Me More, template, Temporary, Tentative, tentative confirmation, Test, Text, Text alignment, Text Area, text box, Text direction, text editor, text file, text format, text formatting, text only, Text Size, text wrapping, textbox, texture, theme, Then by, thesaurus, This field, This Folder, thousand separator, thread, thumbnail, tick marks, Tight, tilde, Tile, Tile Vertically, tiled windows, Time, Time format, time stamp, time zone, tint, tip, title bar, title text, Today, toggle, toggle key, token, tool, Toolbar, toolbar button, toolbar icon, toolbox, Tools, Top, topic, Total, total row, Track, track changes, trackball, tracked change, trademark, transaction, transfer, Transform, transition, Translate, transmission, transmit, Transparency, Transparent, trap, tree, tree structure, trend, trendline, trigger, Troubleshoot, troubleshooting, TrueType font, truncated, trust, Try Again, Turn Off, two-dimensional, type, type library


unavailable, unavailable command, uncheck a check box, Undelete, Underline, underscore, Undo, undock, Undock Computer, Ungroup, Unhide, Unicode, uninstall, unique, Unit, unit, unit of measurement, Unsubscribe, untitled, Update, upgrade, upload, UPPERCASE, Upsizing Wizard, URN, usage analysis, use as default, User, user account, user interface, User name, user profile, User's Guide, user-defined


valid XML, validate, validation, validation rule, Value, variable, variance, VBA, verb, verification, verify, Version, Vertical, vertical alignment, vertical scroll bar, Vertical Text, Vertically, video, video adapter, View, view button, View Item, View Source, View Together, viewer, Views Bar, virtual, virtual server, virus, virus detection, virus protection, visible, visit, visual, Visual Basic, Volume


Wait, wallpaper, warning, warning message, watermark, web, Web author, Web browser, Web components, Web discussion, Web folder, Web Help, Web Part, Web publishing, Web site, Web Tutorial, Weekday, Weekly, Weight, What's New, What's this?, Width, wildcard, window, window border, window corner, window size, window title, Windows Explorer, Windows Setup, wizard, Word, Word Count, word processing, word processor, Word Wrap, word-wrap, WordArt, work offline, workbook, workgroup, workgroup information file, worksheet, workspace, workstation, World Wide Web, Wrap, Wrap to window, write, write-only, write-protected, WSS


X Value, XML data, XML element, XML schema, XSL


Y Value, Year, Yearly, Yes, Yes To All


ZIP code, Zone, zoom, zoom in, zoom out

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