Dedicated to publishing of and collaboration on glossaries in various fields in Georgian and other languages.

absolute, accelerator, accent, accept, access (n), access (v), accessibility, accessing, accessories, account, accuracy, accurate, acronym, across, action, actions menu, activate, active, actual, acute, adapter, add, add-on, add-on help, address, address book, adjust, administrator, administrator setup, advance, advanced, affect, after, again, agreement, alert (n), alert (v), alert me, algorithm, alias, align, alignment, all, allocate, allocation (n), allocation (v), allow, allow popup from this site, alphabetic, alphabetic text character, alter, alternative, always, amount, ampersand, analyze, anchor, angle, angle brackets, animate, animation, anniversary, anonymity, anonymous, answer, antivirus, any, Aperture Value, apostrophe, apparition, appear, appears to be, applet, application, application (s), apply, appointment, arc, arccosine, archive (n), archive (v), archiving, argument, around, arrange, array, array formula, arrow, article, artificial, ascending, ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), assign, assigned, assistant, associate, association, asterisk, at, at least, at most, attach, attachment, attention, attribute(s), atttach, audio, authenticate, authentication, authenticity, author, authorization, auto, auto Arrange, auto correct, auto detected, auto filter, auto fit, auto-detect, auto-reliable, autocomplete, autoformat, autoFormat (n), autoFormat (v), autoload, automatic, automatic detection, available, average, axe, axis


back, back button, backend, background, background color, backslash, backslash(e)s, BACKSPACE key, backup, backward, backward compatible, backward moderated, bad, bad address, bandwidth, banner, bar, baseline, baud, BBS (Bulletin Board Service), beam, beamer, beep, before, beginner, bell, below, beta, bevel, Bidi options, bidirectional language, binary (adj), binary (n), binder, bit, bitmap, black, blackandwhite, blank, blank space, blind carbon copy (bcc), block (a command), block (n), block device, blocked, body, bold (adj), bold (v), bold button, book, bookmark (n), bookmark (v), bookmark link, Boolean, Boolean operations, boot, boot disk, boot drive, border relief, border(s), bottom, bounce, bouncing block, boundary, box, bps, braces, brackets, break, breakpoint, brightness, bring, browse, browse (for file), browser, bubble (n), buffer, bugs, build, builder, built-in, bullet, bullet points, bulleted list, business, busy, button, buttons: exit, byte(s)


cache, calculator, calendar, call, call preference, call-in, call-out, callback, cancel, canvas, capital letters, capitalization, capitals, caps, CAPS LOCK key, caption, capture (v), carbon copy (cc), carriage return, carrying case, cascade, case sensitive, catalog, categories, category, CD/CD-ROM/compact disk, cell, center, certificate, certificate manager, certificate viewer, change, channel (n), chapter, character, character set, chart, chat, chat group, check (n), check (v), check box, check for, checksum, child (hierarchy), children (hierarchy), chime, chip, choose, chooser, chunks, cipher, ciphers, circle, citation, clash, class, classify, clear, clear (a), click, client, client-server relationship, clients, clip, clipboard, clobber, clock, clone, close, close (a), closer, closest, code, collaboration, collapse, collate, collect e-mail, collection, colon, color, color capabilities, colorspace, colour resolution, column, column span, com port (communications port), combination, combine, combo box, comma, command, command (n), command line (n), command line invocations, comment, common, company, compare, comparison, compatibility, compatible, compile, complete, complex, component, compose, composer, compress, compression, computer, computer-literate, concatenate, concatenations, condense, condition, conditional, configuration, configuration file, configuration utility, configure, confirm, confirmation, conflict, connect, connect to a server, connection, connection failure, connection string, connector, constant, contact, content, context, continue, continuous, contrast, control (n), control (v), control panel, controller cards, controls, conventional, converge, convergence, conversion, convert, converter, cookie, coordinate, copy, copyright, core, corner, correction, corrupt, corrupted, count, counter, country code, cover page, CPU (central processing unit), cracker, crash, CRC, create, create links, create shortcut, creator, credentials, credits, criteria, criterium, critical, crop, cross, cross-post (v), cross-posting, crosshair pointer, crossreference, Ctrl (control), cube, curly brackets, curly quotes, currency, current, cursor, curve, custom, customize, customized, cut, cyan, cylinder


daemon, daily, damage, dark, dashed, data, data area, data bank, data bit, database, datasheet, date, day, deactivate, debug (n), debug (v), debugging, decimal, decimal numbers, decision, decline, decode, decoding, decompress, decompression, decrease, decrypt, decryption, dedicated, default, default gateway, default search engine, default value, define, definition, degree, Del (delete), delay, delegate, delete, deleting, deletion, deletions, delimiter, deliver (v), demo, department, deprecated, depth, descending, description, design, desktop, destination, detail, details, detect, detection, developer, device, device independent, device manager, diacritics, diagnostics, diagonal, diagram, dial, dial out (v), dial tone, dial-up (adj), dial-up (v), dial-up networking, dialog, dialogue box, dictionary, digit, digital, digital camera, digital signature, dimension, dimmed command, direction, direction keys, directory, disability, disable, disc, discard, disclaimer, disconnect, discussion, discussion board, disk, disk capacity, disk space, display (n), display (v), display class, displayed, disposition, distribute, divide, document, documentation, dollar, domain, done, dots per inch, dotted line, double (v), double-click, doubleclick, down (vi), down (vt), download, downtime, draft, drag, drag and drop, drawing object bar, drive, driver, drop, dropdown list, dropdown menu, dual mode, dump, dump (v), duplicate, duration, dynamic IP-address


e-mail, echo, edit (the action), edit (the button), edition, editor, effect, eject, electronic mail, element, ellipsis, email, embedded, emoticon, empty, emulator, enable, enclose, encode, encoding, encrypted, encrypted text, encryption, end, enhance, enhanced, enter (n), enter (v), entry, envelope, envelope orientation, environment, environment variable, equal sign, equation, erase, error, error message, Esc (escape), evaluate, evaluation, event, events, every, exactly, example, exception, exclamation point, exclusive, executable file(s), executable program, execute, execution, exist, existing, exit, exit buttons, expand, expand (an outline), explain, explore, explorer, export, express, expression, extend, extension, external, extract


face type, fail, failure, FALSE, FAQ, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), fast, favorite, favourite, fax, feature, feed, feedback, field, file, file transfer protocol (FTP), fill, filter (n), filter (v), find, finish, firewall, first, first name, fit, fix, flag, flags, flip, floating, floppy disk, flow control, flowchart, focus, folder, follow Up, font, footer, footnote, foreground, form, format (n), format (v), formatting, formula, forum, forward, forward slash, fourheaded arrow, fraction, frame, frameset, framework, free (to ~ up space on disk), freeware, freeze, frequency, Frequently Asked Questions, from, front, frontend, Full screen, full-screen mode, function, FYI (For Your Information)


gallery, game(s), gateway, general, gigabyte, global, glossary, go, gradient, grammar, grant permission, graph, graphic, graphics, greater than, greeting, grid, group, grouping, guest, guide, guideline


hacker, handheld, handle, handout, handshake, handwriting, hang (v), hang up, hard drive - disk, hardcopy, harddisk, hardware, hash, header, heading, height, help, Help File, hidden, hide, high, highlight (n), highlight (v), highlighter, hint, history, hit, hold, home, home button, home directory, home page, horizontal, host, hotkey, hour, hourglass, hyperlink, hypertext, hyphen, hyphenation


I/O (input/output), icon, ID, identifier, idle (n), ignore, image, import, importance, inactive, inbox, incoming, incompatible, inconsistency, inconsistent, incorrect, increase, indent (n), indent (v), index, indicator, info, information, infrared, initialize, initials, ink, inner margin, input, input box, insert, insert cells down, insertion, install, installation, instance, instruction, integer, integrated, integrity, interactive, interface, internal, international, Internet, interrupt, intranet, invalid, invert, invisible, invite, IP (Internet Protocol), ISP, ISP (Internet Service Provider), italic, item, iteration


jammed, Javascript, job, jobs (e.g. print jobs), join, journal, jump, junk mail, justification, justified


keep, keep track, key (on keyboard), keyboard, keypad, keyword, kilobyte, kit


label, LAN (local area network), landscape, language, laptop, large, last modified, last visited, launch, layer, layout, layout table, leading, length, less, level, library, license, line, line break, linear, link, link (to), list, load, local network, locale, location, lock, log (n), log (v), log file, log in, log off, log on, log out, logarithm, logging, logical, login (info), logo, look up, loop, loudspeaker, low, lowercase


macro, magnifier, mailbox, mailing list, manager, manual, margin, mark, mask, master, match, matrix, matte, maximise, maximize, mean, measure, measurement, media, medium, megabyte (MB), member, memo, memory, menu, menu bar, menu proxies, merge, message, method, microphone, microprocessor, middle, minimise, minimize, minimum, minus sign, mirror, mirror (v), miscellaneous, mismatch (v), mix, mode, model, modem (modulator-demodulator), moderated, modify, module, monitor (n), monitor (v), more, mouse, mouse pad, mousewheel, move (v), multilingual, multimedia, multiple recipient, multiple selection, multiuser, mute


n/a, name, name server, navigate, navigation, network, new, news, newsgroup, newsletter, next, nickname, no, node, non-blank, none, normal, not writeable, note, notify, NUM LOCK key, number, numbered, numbering


object, objects, off, office, offline, offline (go ~), offset, OK, old, omit, on, online, open, open software localization project, open source, operating system, operation, operation(s), operator, optimize, option, optional, order, organise, organzation, orientation, original, other, outbox, outer margin, outgoing message, outline, output, overlap, override, overwrite(v), owner, ownership


package, page, page break, PAGE DOWN key, page orientation, page setup, PAGE UP key, Page view, paginate, pagination, palette, pane, panel, paper, paper bin, paper jam, paragraph, parallel, parameter, parent (hierarchy), parenthesis, parity, partition, password, paste, patch, path, pattern, pause, PAUSE key, PC, pen, percentage, performance, period, permission, permission (s), personal, personal computer, pick, picture, pie, pixel, pixels, placeholder, plain text, platform, play, plot area, plug in (v), plug-in (n), plus sign, point, point (v), pointer, policy, polygon, popup (n), popup (v), port, portrait, position, positioning, post, postal code, power, predefined, preference, preferences, prefix, prepare, preset, press, preview, primary, print, print job, PRINT SCRN key, printer, printer driver, priority, privacy, probabilit, procedure, process, processing, product, profession, professional, profile, program, progress, project, promote, prompt, properties, property, protect, protection, protocol, proxy server, pt, Public Domain Software, publication, publish, pyramid


query (n), query (v), question mark, questions and answers, queue (n), queue (v), quick, quit, quotation mark


radio button, range, rate, Re:, read, read only, readability, README file, rearrange, reboot, recalculate, recall, receive, recipient, record, recover, rectangle, recycle bin, redial, redirection, redo, reduce, Ref:, reference, refresh, region, register (n), register (v), registration, reinstall, reject, relation, relationship, release, release notes, reliable, reload, reminder, remote, remove, rename, repaginate, repair, repeat, repetition, replace, replica, replication, reply, report, requirement, reset, resize, resolution, resource, response, restart, restore, result, resume, retrieve, retry, return, retype, review, RGB, ribbon, rights, role, Roman, root, rotate, round brackets, route, router, row, rule, ruler, rules, run


save, scalable, scale, scale (v), scan (v), scanner, scenario, schedule, schema, scheme, screen, screensaver, screenshot, script, scroll, scroll bar, SCROLL LOCK key, search, search engine, second, section, sectors, secure (n), secure (v), security, security warning, see also, select, select all, selection, selector, semi-colon, semicolon, send, sender, separator (delimiter), sequence, serie, server, service, Service Pack, session, set (n), set (v), set as, set to true, settings, setup, shade, shading, shadow, share (n), share (v), sharing, sharpness, sheet, SHIFT key, shortcut, show, shut down, shutdown, side, sidebar, sign in, sign off, signal, signature, simple, sine, single-click, site, size, skip, slash, slave (adj), slide, slider, slow, small capitals, small caps, smiley, snapshot, software, sort, sort criteria, sorting, sound, source, space, spacebar, spacing, spam (v), speaker, special, specify, speech, speed, spell checker, spell checking, spell-checker, spelling, split, spreadsheet, SQL, square brackets, stack, standalone, standard, standby, start, start page, startup, statement, static IP-address, statistics, status, ste, stop, storage, store, story, straight quotes, street, stretch, strict, Strikeout, string (n), structure, stuck, style, style sheet, subfolder, subject, subject line, submenu, submit, subscribe, subscription, subsidiary, substitute, substitution, subtotal, suffix, suggest, suggestion, suite, sum, summary, supplemental, support, surf, suspend, switch, symbol, synchronization, synchronize, synonym, syntactical error, syntax, syntax error, system


tab, TAB key, tab key, table, table of contents, tabular, tag, tangent, tape, target, task, taskbar, TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), TCP/IP, telephone, template, temporary, tentative, terminate, test, Test term, text, text editor, text file, textbox, texture, theme, thread, thumbnail, tight, tilde, tile, time, time elapsed, time remaining, time stamp, timeout, tip, tips, title, today, toggle, token, tool, toolbar, toolbox, top, topic, total, total row, track, trademark, transaction, transfer (n), transfer (v), transform, transition, translate, transmission, transmit, transparency, transparent, trap, trash, tree, trend, trigger, troubleshoot, troubleshooting, TRUE, truncated, try, turn off, turn on, tutorial, twodimensional, type


unavailable, uncheck (a check box), undelete, underline, underscore, undo, Unicode, uninstall, unique, unit, unread, unsubscribe, untitled, update, updating, upgrade (v), upload, uppercase, URL (Uniform Resource Locator), use (v), user, User name, username, utilities


valid, verify, version, view (n), view (v), virtual, virus, volume


wait, waiting, wallpaper, warn (v), warning, warning message, watch, web, web page, webmaster, website, weekday, weekly, weight, widget, width, wildcard, window, wizard, word, word processor, workgroup, worksheet, workspace, workstation, wrap, write, write-protected, WWW (World Wide Web)


year, yes


ZIP code, zone, zoom, zoom in, zoom out

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