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.NET Framework




3-D, 3DES


AA, About, access, access code, access control list, access key, access permissions, access point, access provider, accessibility, Accessibility Wizard, accessory, account balance, account domain, account manager, accounting, ACL, action, activate, activation, active, active content, Active Directory Domain Services, active document, Active Server Pages, active window, ActiveX object, Activity Reporting, ad hoc network, adapter, add-in, add-on, address, Address Book, address book, adjustment, Administration, administrator, ADO, Advanced Encryption Standard, AES, agent, album, algorithm, alias, align, alignment, allocate, allocation unit, Allow, Allow list, alphabetical, alternative text, animate, animation, anonymous, antialiasing, antispyware, API, append query, applet, application program interface, apply, archive, area code, argument, array, article, artist, ASCII, ASP, aspect ratio, asset, asterisk, asynchronous, asynchronous transfer mode, ATM, attach, attachment, attention, attribute, audio, audio CD, Audio Video Interleaved, AUP, authentication, authentication method, authorization, AutoArchive, AutoFilter, automatic, Automation, automation, AutoMovie, AutoPlay, AutoText, auxiliary display, available memory, axis


back up, backdoor, background, background color, backslash, backup, backup file, balloon, bandwidth, banner, bar code, baseline, Basic Title, battery, battery life, baud, baud rate, bcc, Be Right Back, beta, beta version, bid, bidirectional, bill, binary, binary file, bind, BIOS, bit, bit rate, BitLocker, BitLocker Drive Encryption, bitmap, bits per second, blindness, Blocked Senders List, Blocked Top-Level Domain List, blog, bookmark, bootstrap, border, bps, brightness, broadband, broadband connection, browse, browser, browser modifier, browsing history, buffer, build, building block, Building Blocks Organizer, bullet, bulleted list, burn, bus, business, Business Card, busy, button, by default, byte


CA, cable modem, cache, caching, Calculator, calculator, calendar, call, call waiting, cancel, CAPI, capital letter, capitalization, CAPS LOCK, CAPS LOCK key, caption, capture device, carbon copy, case, catalog, category, CD, CD burner speed, CD player, CD-R, CD-ROM, CD-RW, cell, cell reference, cellular phone, center, certificate, certificate of authenticity, certification authority, change history, channel, chapter, character, Character Map, character map, character set, character spacing, chart, chat, check, check box, check mark, Check Names, checkpoint, child element, choose, class, class module, Classic view, clear, ClearType, click, client, client computer, client-side rendering, clip, clip art, clip creation, clipboard, clock, close, closing curly quotation mark, closing parenthesis, cluster, COA, COD, code page, codec, collapse, color box, color profile, color scheme, column, column break, column heading, COM port, combo box, comma, command, command line, comment, communications port, company network, compare, compatibility, compatibility mode, compatible, compile, Complete PC Backup, Complete PC Restore, Complete the merge, complex script, component, Component Platform Interface, compose, compress, compression, computer administrator, computer-to-computer network, condition, conditional, conditional formatting, configuration, Configuration Manager, configuration set, configure, confirm, conflict, connect, connection, Connection Manager, connectivity, constant, constraint, contact, content, content rating, Contents, context menu, contrast, contributor, control, Control key, conversation, converter, cookie, coordinate, copy, copyright, corrupted, Country/Region, credentials, credit card, crop, CSR, CTRL, CTRL key, cube, currency symbol, cursor, custom control, custom dictionary, customize, cut


data, Data Communications Equipment, Data Encryption Standard, data field, data form, data format, data label, data point, data series, data source, data table, data transfer, data type, data validation, database, datasheet, Datasheet view, deafness, debug, decrypt, decryption, default, default button, default value, definitions, defragmentation, delegate, delete, delete query, delimiter, deliver, demote, deploy, depth of field, DES, design template, Design view, designer, desktop, destination, destination file, detach, device, device driver, diacritical mark, Diagnostics, dial, dial tone, dial-up, Dial-Up Networking, dialer, dialog box, digital, digital certificate, Digital ID, digital image, digital license, Digital Locker, digital photo, digital signature, digital video, dim, dimmed, direct memory access, directory, disable, disabled, disc, disc burner, disconnect, disk, disk partition, display, display name, Display Properties, distributed password authentication, distribution list, DLL, DMA, dock, docking station, document, Document Information Panel, document library, Document Map, document type definition, document window, domain, domain controller, dots per inch, double-click, downgrade, download, DPA, dpi, DPI scaling, draft, drag, drag-and-drop, drawing canvas, drawing object, drive, drive letter, driver, drop lines, drop shadow, drop-down list, drop-down menu, DTD, due date, DUN


e-mail, e-mail account, e-mail address, e-mail message, e-mail server, Ease In, Ease of Access Center, Ease Out, easily, edit, Edit menu, editor, effective, efficiency bonus, Elapsed, Electronic Business Card, electronic mail, element, embed, embedded object, encoding, encrypt, encryption, end, end user, enhanced, enhanced audio CD, enhanced DVD movie, enterprise, entertainment, entry, envelope, error, error code, error log, ESC key, Ethernet, event, event handler, exclusive, exit, expand, expand control, experience, expiration date, Exploding, Exploding Outline, Explorer, export, expression, Extensible Stylesheet Language, extension, extent, external display


face down, face up, facility code, Fade, failure, Family Safety, FAQ, fast forward, FAT, FAT32, favorite, feed, Feed Discovery, fidelity, field, file, file format, File menu, file name extension, file sharing program, file system, File Transfer Protocol, file type, Film Grain, filter, Filter Excluding Selection, flag, flagged, Flashing, floppy disk, floppy disk drive, Fly Out, folder, font, font previewer, font size, font style, footer, foreign address, form, form definition file, form template, format, formula, formula bar, forward slash, fraction, frame, framework, fraudulent, freeze, frequently asked questions, full screen


gadget, GAL, gallery, game, gateway, GB, genre, genuine, gesture, Getting Started, gigabyte, glass, global, Global Address List, global address list, Global Universal Identification, globally-unique identifier, gloss optimizer, glyph, GN, Go, gradient, graphical user interface, grave accent, Grayscale, grayscale, greater than or equal to sign, group, Group Policy, GUI, GUID, gutter


handle, handout, hang, hanging indent, hard disk drive, hardware failure, hate speech, HD DVD, HDMI, header, Headphone Virtualization mode, health, help, hibernate, Hibernation File Cleaner, hidden, hidden text, high-density multichip interconnect, highlight, hit, hold down, Home, home, home cell, home page, host, hover, HTML, HTTP, http, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, hyphen


I/O, I/O request packet, IAP, IAS, icon, ID, identification, identifier, identity, IEEE 802.1X security standard, IIS, image, imaging, imaging device, IMAP, IME, Import Video, inactive window, incompatible, indent, index, index entry, Information Access Service, Information bar, InfoTip, infrared, initialize, initiator, ink, input device, input/output, insert, insertion point, install, installation, instance, instruction, integer, Integrated Services Digital Network, integrity, interactive, interface, internal modem, Internet, Internet access provider, Internet address, Internet connection, Internet Information Services, Internet Message Access Protocol, Internet Protocol, Internet service provider, Internet Storage Name Service, interrupt, interrupt request, intranet, invalid, invert, invite, IP, IP address, IRP, IRQ, iSCSI initiator, ISP, italic, Itanium, item, iteration


JavaScript, job, join, joke program, journal, journal entry, joystick, junk e-mail, junk mail, justify


KB, kernel, kerning, key, key combination, key sequence, keyboard, keyboard layout, keyboard shortcut, keypad, keyword, kilobyte, Knowledge Base, knowledge base


L2TP, label, LAN, landscape, Language for non-Unicode programs, Language ID, language identifier, language pack, laptop, launch, layer, Layer Two Tunneling Protocol, layout, Layout Preview, LCD, LCID, LDAP, leader, left arrow, left bracket, left mouse button, left-aligned, left-to-right, legacy, length, less than or equal to sign, level, library, license, license terms, LID, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, line, line break, line spacing, link, linked object, liquid crystal display, list box, list separator, listen, local area network, local group, local object, locale, locale ID, locate, location, locked, log, log file, log off, log on, logging, logical block addressing, logo, long file name, Lookup field, loop, Loose XAML, lost data, low vision, lowercase


macro, Magnifier, mail, mail merge, mail recipient, mailbox, mailing address, mailing list, main document, make-table query, malware, management console, manual, MAPI, margin, markup, marquee, mask, master, master key, maximize, MB, MCDI, MD5, measure, media, media clip, media file, media server, meeting request, megabyte, member, menu, menu bar, merge field, message, message header, Messaging Application Programming Interface, metadata, metric, Microsoft Knowledge Base, Microsoft Office Forms Server, Microsoft Office InterConnect, Microsoft text telephone, Microsoft Windows Software Explorer, migrate, minimize, Mirror, Mobile, modal dialog, mode, modem, modifier key, monitor, monitoring software, mouse, mouse button, mouse click, mouse shortcut, multimedia, Multimedia Content Description Interface, mute, My Computer, My Documents, My Music, My Videos


n/a, NaN, natural language searching, navigate, navigation bar, navigation pane, network, network adapter, network administrator, Network Center, network configuration, network drive, Network Explorer, Network Printer Installation Wizard, News Banner, newsgroup, Newspaper, nickname, node, normalization, normalize, not applicable, notification, notification area, Now Playing, NTFS, NTFS file system, NTLM, nudge, null


object class, object library, object linking and embedding, OCR, ODBC data source, ODBC driver, Office data connection file, Office Diagnostics, offline, offline Help, offline mode, OLAP, OLE, OLE/DDE link, OneX, online, Open Sync Center, opening curly quotation mark, opening parenthesis, operating system, operation, operator, optical character recognition, optimize, option button, Options, organization, organization chart, outbox, outline, Overview


package, page, page break, page field, page margin, page setup, Paint Drip, PAN, pan, pane, Panning Hand, paragraph formatting, paragraph mark, paragraph style, Parental Controls, parental controls, parity, parse, partition, partnership, passphrase, password, password authentication, password stealer, paste, path, pattern, pause, PCT, peer, People Near Me, performance, permissions, Personal Address Book, Personal Area Network, personal data, personal identification number, personal information, personal settings, personalization, phishing, Phishing Filter, phishing website, photo album, physical address extension, PIN, pipe, pixel, Pixelate, placeholder, plain text, plaintext, play, playback, player, playhead, playlist, plug-in, point, Point-to-Point Protocol, Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet, pointing device, pop-up window, port, portable computer, portrait, post, postal code, Posterize, power, Power Options, PPP, PPPoE, precedent, Presenter View, preview pane, primary key, print area, print preview, PRINT SCREEN key, printer, printer driver, Printing and Imaging Devices, privacy, private, privilege attribute certificate, procedure, product key, program, Project, project file, promote, prompt, proofing tools, property, property page, property sheet, protect, protection point, protocol, proxy server, publication, publish, Purble Pairs, push button


QC, query, question mark, queue, Quick Access Toolbar, Quick Search, Quick Tabs


RAM, random access memory, rating, reader, reading pane, readme file, Really Simple Syndication, recipient, record, recurring, Recycle Bin, redo, refresh, registered trademark symbol, registration, registry, relationship, reliability, reminder, remote access, remote control software, rendering, repeat delay, replica, replication, report, resource, restart, restore, results, resume, return address, rewind, RGB, right align, right arrow, right bracket, right mouse button, right-aligned, right-to-left, rights, roll back, rollback, ROM, root directory, root folder, Rotate 180, Rotate 270, Rotate 90, router, row, RSS, RSS feed, rule


SA, Safe Recipients List, Safe Senders List, Save, save, Saved networks, scale, scan, scan head, scanner, schema, screen, ScreenTip, script, scroll, scroll bar, SCROLL LOCK key, seal, Search, search, search engine, search engine optimization, section, section break, security, security ID, security identifier, select, send, Sepia, Sepia Tone, serial number, series line, service, service pack, service provider, session, setting, settings modifier, shade, shadow copy, share, shared folder, shell, SHIFT key, shipping label, shortcut, shortcut key, shrink, shuffle, Shut Down, shut down, shutdown, SID, sign in, sign out, signature, single click, site, SLCC, sleep, slider, small caps, smart card, Smudge Stick, snapshot, Snapshot Viewer, snip, software bundler, Software Licensing Commerce Client, Solutions to Problems, sort, sort order, sorting, source, Source Manager, SPACEBAR, spam, spammer, Speaker Calibration Wizard, speaker fill, speech recognition, Sports Scoreboard, spreadsheet, SQL, standard account, standard deviation, standard keyboard, standby, start, Start Here, Start menu, State/Region, statement, static, status, status area, status bar, stop, story, storyboard, stream, Stretch, strikethrough, string, Structured Query Language, style, style area, style sheet, subentry, subform, subscribe, subsite, Subtitle, Super Video CD, supplicant, support, Switch User, sync, Sync Center, sync error, synchronize, syndicated content, synonym, syntax, syntax error, system, system administrator, system caret, system clock, system control area, system event, System Protection, system rating


tab, tab character, TAB key, tab set, tabbed browsing, table, table of contents, Tablet PC, take advantage, tap, task, task list, task pane, Task Scheduler, taskbar, taskbar button, TB, TCP/IP, TDD, television, template, tentative, terabyte, Terminal Services, text wrap, text wrapping, texture, theme, thesaurus, thread, Threshold, thumbnail, Ticker Tape, time stamp, tint, tip, title bar, toggle key, tool, toolbar, toolbar button, topology, touch pointer, touch training, track, tracked change, transaction, transfer, transition, transmission, Transmission Control Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, tree, trim points, Triple Data Encryption Standard, Triple DES, Trojan downloader, Trojan dropper, Trojan notifier, Trojan proxy server, TTS, tunneling, turbulence force, turbulence speed, TV, Typewriter


UCE, UDF, unavailable, underscore, undo, Unicode, uninstall, unique identifier, universally unique identifier, unshare, unsolicited commercial e-mail, unstack, unwanted software, up and running, update, update query, upgrade, upload, uppercase, USB flash drive, user, User Account Control, user locale, user name, user profile, user rights, UUID


validation, value, vCard, vertical alignment, vertical bar, video card, Video Left, Video Top, view, virtual, virtual private network, virus, virus protection, virus signature, visibility, Visual Studio Tools for Applications, volume, volume license, volume license key, volume licensing, VPN


W3, wallpaper, Watercolor, watermark, Web, Web browser, Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning, web feed, Web Folders, Web page, Web Part, Web restrictions, Web site, Welcome Center, Wi-Fi Protected Access, Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, widow, window, Windows Activation Client, Windows Anytime Upgrade, Windows Assistance Online, Windows Backup, Windows Basics, Windows Calendar, Windows Connect Now, Windows Contacts, Windows Defender, Windows Easy Transfer, Windows Error Reporting, Windows Explorer, Windows image, Windows Installer, Windows Marketplace, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Problem Reporting, Windows Recovery Environment, Windows Setup, Windows Sidebar, Windows System Image Backup, Windows Update, wired, Wired Equivalent Privacy, wireless, wireless LAN, with one click, wizard, Word Count, word processing, word processor, word wrap, WordArt, workbook, workgroup, worksheet, worm, WPA, WPA2, write, write access, write-protect, write-protected, WWW


XML feed, XML schema, XrML


ZIP code, zoom, zoom in, zoom out

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